14 Days to Save a Life

Today was Day One. A soft-spoken woman from Kentucky called our office this morning.  Her friend is scheduled for an abortion two weeks from now. "She just told me she was pregnant yesterday.  She seemed pretty set on the abortion, but she said I have two weeks to convince her. This is day one of those 14 days."


“B” needs resources to convince the young mother that abortion is the wrong choice but she doesn’t have access to the internet. She asked us to mail her anything we had that might help, especially photos and videos of abortion victims.

Her friend is 18 years old and 4 months pregnant. “B” thanks God for the chance to save this baby’s life. She had another friend that she tried to convince not to have an abortion...but that friend went through with it. “B” still mourns that baby. This time, she will do everything she can.

"I know she'll be angry.  I don't really care about her getting angry. I know I have to show her everything I can, because a little life is on the line right now. If she does it, and I didn't do everything I could, I would never forgive myself."

Our package with our training manual and every resource we had at the office is on its way to “B” right now. It should arrive by Saturday, which will be day 4 of the fight for this baby's life.

Friends, we have 14 days. Please join the Survivors team in praying that this baby’s life to be spared.

“B” does not have internet or a cell phone, so communication is slow, but we know she could use your prayers and encouragement.  Email a note of encouragement and support to “B” at info@survivors.la and we’ll send them to this courageous woman as she does everything she can to plead for this child.