A six-foot man in heels

A six-foot man in heels and a dress stalks after you, blocking your sign with his parasol.  You turn in an attempt to ask a passerby what she thinks about abortion only to have a “security” guard order her away from you.  Again you turn your sign, so other passersby will at least see the abortion victim portrayed on your sign, but two volunteers rush up and block you with a crudely made sign consisting of a rainbow painted on a sheet and stapled to two PVC pipes.  The man in the dress stands by with his parasol in case you try again to talk to someone.  

    Where are you? Why is there a man in a dress and why don’t you just leave and go somewhere else?

    This is the San Diego Earth Fair and it’s an activist’s dream.  Up to 60,000 people attend the fair in Balboa Park to spend the day, or at least the afternoon, visiting the booths and seeing the sights.  That means there are tens of thousands of people who aren’t in a hurry. They aren’t on their way to school or work or the grocery store.  They have hours to spend doing anything - including talking about abortion.  

    As Christians, we are called to care for God’s creation.  The Earth Fair is an excellent opportunity to defend the crown of creation, human life.  We’re able to talk to so many people who would have never given abortion a second thought and help them realize what a horrific act of violence it is.

    Unfortunately, the Earth Fair committee recruits hate groups such as The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - the men in dresses with parasols - to block us and our message and “protect” the Earth Fair attendees.  They can try to block us, but they won’t stop our message.  Seventy thousand people will be there.  Some of those people are pregnant.  Some of them are considering abortion.  Some of them have friends who are considering abortion.  All of them have an effect on those around them and can help build a culture of life if we’re able to show them why abortion is wrong.

 Please join us on Sunday, April 19, at the San Diego Earth Fair to help bring an end to abortion.