My heart is breaking. How could this be?

                    I stare in disbelief.  But I continue to look closer and closer and closer. 
                                                 My heart is breaking.  How could this be?

Dear Friend,

         I will never forget the first time I saw a picture of a victim of abortion.  It was a newspaper called America's Holocaust.

         America's Holocaust was printed after over 16,000 babies - yes! 16,000 babies were discovered at a posh Woodland Hills home in Southern California. 

        Seems the owner of a pathology lab didn't want to pay the high cost of disposal fees so he rented a shipping container to store the bodies in.  All was fine until he failed to pay the rental fee on the container and a team of men came to repossess the container.

        As they prepared to take it they opened the doors to look inside and when they did they were met with a horrific smell and an even more horrifying sight -- stacks and stacks of dead babies -- large and small but all obviously babies. 

        They called the police.    
        In the newspaper America's Holocaust the story was told with 20 or so images of the aborted babies at different stages of development and pictures of the shipping containers they were found in.

         I stared in disbelief.  How could this be?  I looked closely at their faces.  They looked like every little newborn I had ever seen.  Except they were dead.

         Some were dismembered, most had bloody faces and looked like a child who just had his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich but put more on his face than in his mouth. Only it wasn't jelly.  

         And there was no mommy or daddy there to lovingly wipe the little face clean. 

         These victims of abortion broke my heart and changed my life forever.

         They still break my heart.

         This is why I need your help.  This is why I am writing you.  The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust use photos of abortion victims daily on campuses all across America.

         The Survivors take large photos to the center of campuses and give college students the opportunity to come face to face with the victims of abortion.

         The Survivors believe it is imperative that students see the reality of abortion.  Pro-choice arguments sound hollow and trite when you are staring at the tortured broken body of a little baby killed by abortion.

Imagine with me . . .
A pro-choice person holding a large picture of an aborted baby 
is standing in a crowded public area loudly declaring her 
support for abortion.
She calls out, pointing to the aborted baby: 
It was my body - it was my choice!

As people walk by they just shake their head.  
So she shouts even louder as she sees the disapproving
looks:  It is a woman's right!!!
But the disapproving looks continue.  
She grows desperate in her quest for approval and points at 
the bloody little baby face and declares:
Don't you see?  This fetus was going to derail my life!!!!
And anyways the world is overpopulated!!!  Besides who would 
want to bring a child into this terrible world!!!  
And!And!And!And!  Finally she grows silent as people just 
stare at her in disbelief.

         Easy to imagine except pro-choice advocates would never hold an image of a dead baby to make their point!

         So we do.  Yes we do, at campuses all across America and the arguments for abortion ring as hollow and sad on campus as they do for our imaginary pro-choice friend.

         We use large 5 foot tall panels with photos of victims of abortion on one side and then a teaching board with facts about abortion, resources for life and development of the child on the other.
         But our signs are all worn out or destroyed and we need your help to purchase new signs so the Survivors can continue to show young people who have been brainwashed by the culture and media that abortion is a social good.

         These pictures strip away those false arguments and they change minds about abortion and focus the argument right where it needs to be - on the baby!!

         Life has many difficulties and challenges but killing a little child is never the answer. Compassion and sacrifice and love for our neighbor and protecting the most vulnerable in our society - those are the virtues our college students need to embrace!

         The photos of the victims of abortion become the point of conflict for the heart that spur on a real discussion of abortion.  The Survivors know because they are continually on campus speaking face to face with young people.

         And just the other day at a meeting with the Campus Outreach Team they said it is time to get new signs - they are worn out or destroyed.

         These are brave and bold young people who know the effectiveness of the photos of the babies with the teaching board on back.  They have used the signs so much they are worn out!!!  

         Worn out!  

         How often can you give a donation and know with a confidence that your gift is going to be worn out?  

         Did you notice that some signs were destroyed?

Yes, our young people continually stand for life even in the face of violence and attacks!!!

         When they confront a culture that says children are disposable and their death nothing but a matter of choice - with a real picture of that choice - often the culture reacts violently!

         I have been at many large public events and have often seen animal rights groups with graphic images of tortured animals and inhumane conditions.  And it is often gut-wrenching and difficult to see.

         But I have never ever seen someone passing by get so angry at the images that they destroy the images!  Never do I see the animal rights activists attacked.

         Why?  If it is only the graphic nature of our photos of abortion victims that upset people then why aren't animal rights people attacked???

Because abortion kills a baby!  A precious little human baby and written on every person's heart is the image of God!!!

         And when a person sees the broken body, a little baby's body, a little human baby's body,their heart cries out in pain for that little child.

         The heart can't help but react because God's image is written on every heart!  So the heart jumps and signals the mind it is looking at a tragedy or an evil.

         But the mind believes abortion is good and suddenly the brain is caught in the conflict of conviction!

         So the brain searches for a defense to end the conflict between the mind and heart.

         The mind hates the conviction that it might be approving of or participating in an evil.

         So the brain has one or two options: Protect the mind or change the mind. 

         To protect the mind the brain bellows out a barrage of angry words!!!   

         The Survivors are evil for showing the picture!  The picture is fake!  The Survivors are judgmental Christians!  

         On and on it goes as the brain signals the mouth to continue to spew out angry and hateful words!  Sometimes the brain signals the body to attack and destroy the images all together.

         But the Survivors know that anger is a sign of conviction masking the pain and conflict between the heart and mind. And they know sometimes the pain goes much deeper. 

         Sometimes it is the pain of a young woman who has had an abortion.  Or maybe a young man whose child was killed by abortion.  Or someone who promoted or assisted in helping a friend or family member get an abortion.

         The Survivors know this and this is why they allow themselves to suffer all sorts of vile attacks both verbally and physically.

         Because sometimes the conflict between the heart and mind leads to a conviction that leads to repentance - for that is what repentance is - a change of mind.

         And with the change of mind can come a healing of the heart.

         This is what the Survivors do day after day and the signs are at the center of it all!!!

         Because the babies speak for themselves when they are seen.  

         Fr. Pavone of Priests for Life has stated that "America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion."  The Survivors know these signs are critical to the debate.

         This is why I need your help right now.

         The Survivors need new signs and the high quality photos are not cheap when printed five feet tall.  They're not cheap but they are effective!

          And their signs are worn out!  How often can you give and know your donation will be used so effectively and for so long it will literally be worn out?

      These signs cost about $100 each to produce.  But I can't think of any $100 donation that goes farther or does more or saves more lives or changes more hearts. 

     Will you give a gift of $100 to buy a sign that will save lives? 

     I know that is a lot of money but just think of what that $100 will buy.  Besides the sign itself, your donation gets a matching Survivor to boldly hold it in the public square and save lives and change minds.

     The Survivors will be there - will your sign be there?  I hope so because we need you to do this work.  Without you there are no signs and there are no babies saved.

     The Survivors know they are but a part of the equation for life.  They know that without your sacrifice their sacrifice would not be as effective.

     Please consider a special gift today of $100 for a new sign -your sign.

     Possibly you can buy five signs or ten signs for gifts of $500 or $1000.  And maybe a gift of $35 will be a sacrifice for you.  The Survivors appreciate every gift and please know that your gift will be used until it is worn out!

     I hope you will give the best gift you can today and expose the evil of abortion and change minds and heal hearts.  Thank you for all you do.
                                      Your friend for life,                                                                                   

                                       Jeff White
                                       Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust 

P.S.   I recently sat on a panel with the Godfather of the prolife movement, Joe Scheidler.  Joe said that he has asked many leaders in the movement what motivated them to get involved.He said far and away the number one reason was they saw a picture of an aborted baby and it broke their heart and spurred them to action.
The victims of abortion, their broken bodies, speak for themselves.  The Survivors are there to offer healing and to discuss the sanctity of life.  Will you please buy a sign for them today to save lives, change minds and heal hearts?  Thank you again for your faithful sacrificial support.