Planned Parenthood is gone.

The Survivors are in DC -but Planned Parenthood is gone. The Survivors
want to keep it that way!  And we know what Planned Parenthood fears as they try to return!!! 

Dear friend of the Survivors,

         If you are reading this blog then the Survivors are already in 
         Washington DC. 

         But they are not there to sightsee, even though it is a beautiful city.
         They are not there to meet with their congressmen and senators. 

         They are there to keep Planned Parenthood closed!

         That is not the original purpose of this trip -

but God gives us opportunities at the strangest times.  Often when we least expect it. Often in the midst of the mundane day to day work of Survivors, God shows Himself strong! 

         This is one of those times! 

         Yesterday I was at the graduation of my son Timothy from Officers Training School at Maxwell Air Force base in Montgomery, Alabama.  I am very proud of him, but as far as pro-life work goes, the day should be a "non-activist" day - right?


         Instead I had a conversation with a man with inside information at the deepest levels of Planned Parenthood.  When I say deepest I mean the President of Planned Parenthood deep!

         Yes!!!  Conversations with Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood deep!

         The man I spoke to shared with me new plans for a Planned Parenthood mega death camp to be built in Washington DC.  He wouldn't say for sure but he said the publicized plans and location for Planned Parenthood could be a ruse to keep protesters like the Survivors away.

         He suggested I look elsewhere for the real plans and suggested we have further conversation next week.  

         I will indeed!

         Do you know what he said Cecile Richards feared and loathed the most with regards to the new mega-death camps?

         He quoted her as saying:  "Those f***ing protesters!"

         Wow!  Hardly ladylike or professional words from a top corporate executive, but just what I would expect from the leader of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America - the largest child-killing organization in the world!

         So today my plans are different for this trip to DC.  God has interrupted my plans once again.   And I love it!!!

         I've cancelled plans for meetings I was sending the Survivors to and have reassigned them to some activist work while in DC.  The Survivors are still joining Created Equal for the Justice Rides while in DC, but now they will be doing so much more!

         I called a hastily organized conference call and gave the team coming out some specialized instructions for while we are in DC and asked them if they clearly understood what I wanted them to do.  They all answered in the affirmative.

         As soon as I arrive, I will be gathering them together to strategize a response to the new mega-death camp in DC.  I will share with them what I know, taking care to protect my new found source.

         The Survivors are going to be very busy for the next several weeks.  Doing what they do best - speaking the truth and fighting the evil of abortion and expecting God to continue to show himself strong!

         Cecile Richards can expect those protestors (expletive omitted) every step of the way and she needs to know that her words she thinks are in private are known to God and He will continue to expose her evil plans!

         Pray with me that indeed the exact plans for the new mega-death camp in DC are exposed and that Planned Parenthood will not open in Washington DC!

         Planned Parenthood is closed in Washington DC - We want to keep it that way!

         This is a busy summer for Survivors, we just finished our training camp and already the team is off and running towards the cries of injustice, this time in DC and then on to Chicago.

         The Survivors need your help to keep going this summer.  Would you please support their summer efforts?  While other young people are taking vacations, they are giving the likes of Cecile Richards no rest!

         But without your support they cannot continue.  Will you please send the Survivors a special gift today?  I'm headed out to meet them in DC but I know what the Survivors team does not - our finances are tight - really tight!

         But just as I trust God will lead His people on the inside to continue to expose Planned Parenthood, I know He has people just like you whom He will call on to give to keep these young people on the road.  I pray you are one of His people he has prepared in advance to give today.

         I cannot thank you enough for supporting the Survivors as they battle the evil of their day!

         May God repay you richly for all you have given to protect the innocent!
Your friend for life,                                                                                   

Jeff White
Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust