Learn How You Can Advocate for the Preborn

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust is an organization unlike any other.  Every year, our training and activism programs equip hundreds of youth to take an unashamed stand for justice and mercy, and our camps and conferences prepare you to be an active voice for the preborn in your community, nation, and world.

The Survivors exist to make you a sharp, effective advocate. Every training opportunity listed below is carefully designed to equip and activate, successfully encouraging the youth of America to engage the culture in a bold defense of the preborn.

Survivors is one of the most powerful and effective pro-life organizations we have today. Survivors is unique in that they not only believe young people can be the leaders of tomorrow but that they can actually be the leaders of today! Through awareness, education, and action Survivors mobilizes this generation to be actively pro-life. There is no better voice for the pro-life movement than the young energetic and articulate members of Survivors.
— Brandi Swindell, Founder and President Stanton Healthcare

From preparing a press release to sharing the truth of abortion on a street corner, Survivors ProLife Training Camps equip high school and college students to be effective voices for the preborn.  Through the signature combination of classroom teaching and hands-on experience, Survivors Camps are producing pro-life leaders for the next generation.

ProLife Presentations and Workshops

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Let the Survivors activate your hometown!  Take a stand in your community and activate the youth of your hometown through our one-of-a-kind ProLife Presentations and Workshops.

International ProLife Youth Conference

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Hosted by Survivors, the International ProLife Youth Conference features pro-life leaders who will challenge, encourage and equip you in the fight for a culture of life.  This weekend will change your perspective of the pro-life movement across the nation and the world and will help you take your own pro-life witness to a whole new level.