Despite many warnings and undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood's criminal negligence, their protection of  child abusers and predators, their assistance to and cover-up of the sex trade, their participation in gendercide, making false medical claims, false mammogram claims, and targeting children as young as 10 years old, lying about their botched abortions and their determination to remove parental involvement and even taking donations to specifically kill black babies -- Planned Parenthood has continued their reckless polices and has resorted to intimidation to protect their relentless pursuit of  terror on America’s pre-born babies.

Now we see Planned Parenthood selling baby parts for profit like a downtown butcher.

Planned Parenthood is counting on America to be passive, I pray Planned Parenthood counted wrong!

The Survivors insist there should be no place on earth where Planned Parenthood can rest or train or practice their deadly skills – We mean it. Survivors has said we would act with others when possible and alone if necessary to ensure that Planned Parenthood has no sanctuary – anywhere.

Today the Survivors are announcing the beginning of a NEW strategy, a new campaign. The Survivors are giving a call to action to one and all who want to drive Planned Parenthood back to hell from whence they came!  The Survivors are calling on young people to join – The Resistance!!

What is the Resistance?

The Resistance is a grassroots movement of Christians concerned for life, coming together to fight Planned Parenthood to expose their evil deeds of darkness.  

Have you ever seen a storm gather in the distance? At times it looks like it is literally rolling towards you, growing in power, force and size – ominous – foreboding. That is The Resistance!  And Planned Parenthood sees it coming.

The Resistance is young people in small groups of 4 to 8 who are spread all across the state to do nothing except harass Planned Parenthood into oblivion!!!  The Resistance groups will be on the move, they will confront Planned Parenthood, showing the world the truth about their evil trade.

The Resistance will confront and disrupt the activities of those politicians who defend and fund Planned Parenthood. Politicians like California’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris, who instead of investigating Planned Parenthood’s illegal selling of harvested baby parts, is instead investigating David, the man who did the undercover investigation that blew the lid off PP’s dirty secret!  Ms. Harris is persecuting the whistleblower to protect the criminal abortion cartel!  Ms. Harris is running for Senate this year and the Resistance will be there to expose and oppose her complicity in protecting the criminal abortion cartel!

Resistance groups will be at the doors of Planned Parenthood.

They will be on the streets with pictures of Planned Parenthood’s victims. They will be at public events and private events.  They will be everywhere!

The Resistance storm is gathering over California – Why California?

Because Planned Parenthood has targeted California!  Planned Parenthood affiliates declined over the last ten years in every state except California where they grew in numbers to 112, an increase of over 20%.  In fact California has more Planned Parenthood affiliates than New York and Texas combined!!!!  And Planned Parenthood is even welcome in our high schools with on-campus clinics!!  And the recently released videos for the Center for Medical Progress centered in California – Planned Parenthood’s stronghold!

California is Planned Parenthood’s stronghold  –so California is where The Resistance begins!

We are advancing against the gates of Hell and we trust God to bring us victory after victory as we confront Planned Parenthood. This is a call to action like none Survivors has ever made. For us, everything else will be on hold!  We are focusing all our energy on The Resistance from now to Election Day!  The impact of the CMP videos and the evil they expose must not be squandered. This is the time to act.  

If you are willing to be an enemy of Planned Parenthood and a rescuer of the babies please sign up to join The Resistance now. We are declaring war on Planned Parenthood.  It starts today – it starts with you.  Sign up now.

Be a part of those who care enough to fight.  If not you then who? The only right response is for us to stop the killing so please act today.                    

If you have not watched the investigative videos of Planned Parenthood please do so – you cannot even comprehend how evil Planned Parenthood is until you watch –I challenge you!