The Survivors ProLife Boot Camp Returns!

The Survivors are returning to San Francisco for our 21st annual Survivors ProLife Boot Camp.

Last year I asked humorously, "San Francisco?  Are you crazy?"

I didn't know what to expect.  After all, San Francisco is a liberal, pro-choice, immorality hotbed and what would be the reaction to the anti-abortion message of our young Survivors?

I feared violent reactions, police harassment, aggressive counter protesters and angry passersby.  For the most part it didn't materialize.  What common incredulous response did we get?

"What are you doing in OUR city?!?!?!?!?"

How dare the Survivors take a stand in what they call -"The City."  Now it is not only "The" City, it is "their" city!

How dare these young people boldly stand in the public square and declare abortion to be the evil of their day?

But they did!  And the news covered us like an unexpected snow storm!

The San Francisco Police Department, long used to angry and violent protestors from the left, was impressed by the young Survivors.  The Survivors were bold but polite, strong but not violent, and courageous in the face of the angry citizens they did meet.

The SFPD described one Survivors event in a San Francisco Chronicle article as "well planned and perfectly executed" - that is a great endorsement of the training of the Survivors.


I love activism in San Francisco!  

It is a hotbed of liberalism and an international tourist destination.  

The distance from one location to the next is only a matter of miles!  In, fact we only left the city once to travel to nearby UC Berkeley to take a stand in Sproul Plaza where again our young Survivors engaged and answered every argument thrown at them with ease!

San Francisco is the perfect place to train young people to be bold and to know they can hold their own intellectually, scientifically and underpinned by their faith and the rightness of their cause, they can win the day!

Don't discount the Survivors because they are young!

I was recently in a national pro-life leaders strategy session.  The best of the best from all over the country and do you know what I noticed?

We are old!

It made me realize the Survivors must continue to raise up anti-abortion leaders as if this fight is going to last for generations and fight for all we are worth to end abortion now!

We must continue to refresh our ranks, not with namby-pamby pro-life activists who just want the world to love them but rather activists who believe abortion is the killing of a little baby and will act like it!

And graduates of Survivors training camps know that they will not be loved by this world while they are confronting the evil of their day.  

They know, and the next graduates will know, that social transformation is not a popularity contest and the greatest of social reformers were hated long before they ever had streets named after them.

Now I am proud to say that graduates of our Survivors ProLife Boot Camps are bold!  They were trained and equipped and prepared to fight!

And they are everywhere!  They come up to me at walks and marches and conventions and say hello.  Many of them I do not even recognize -they were kids when I trained them!

Many of those young people trained are today's youngest and brightest leaders.


At our Dallas training camp and last year in San Francisco, we had former camp graduates who did our trainings.  Leaders who are leading in their own right in Students For Life of America, Stanton Health Center, Priests for Life and many other fine organizations!!!

It makes me proud!  It should make you proud!

For it is and always has been because of friends like you that the Survivors ProLife Boot Camps have continued year after year!

Twenty-one years ago, pro-life college campus groups were nearly non-existent.  When the Survivors would go onto campuses the administrations were often so angry they would order illegal arrests!  

The Survivors were constantly harassed and arrested!  The Survivors won every one of those cases and continued in the training you helped provide and now today the tide has changed.

Campuses no longer arrest the Survivors for they know they will not back down. The Survivors are advocates and they will not surrender their First Amendment rights and they will not be silent about the killing of their brothers and sisters in the womb.

The Survivors graduates make great leaders.  Groups all across the country have Survivors graduates actively working and leading.

Our friend, Mark Harrington of Created Equal knows the value of our training camps and the value of our graduates!  His team is and has been led by numerous graduates of Survivors camps. 

This is why we have our Survivors ProLife Training Camps:  To recruit, train and equip young people to continue on in the fight for life in whatever organization God calls them to and wherever God calls them to!

We train and equip young people so when God calls they can answer:

"Here I am Lord, send me!"

This year at camp, we will see some graduates joining us from our very first Survivors camp, twenty-one years ago!  Yes, Twenty-one years ago our camp was made up of less than twenty young people and the oldest was just 17!

They are still in the fight, leading on organization boards, leading organizations and still fighting the good fight across this nation and around the world!

The Survivors training camps transforms teenagers and college students!

Just one example I love to speak of is that of Hector Moreno.  Hector was a well-educated man, a District Attorney for Santa Clara County in California.  How did I meet Hector?

It was in my Operation Rescue days and his office was prosecuting me for blockading baby killing centers.  Hector was a good man and he went to a great local church.  I did my time for saving babies and many years later started Survivors.

When Hector heard of our Survivors ProLife Boot Camps he sent his own precious daughter, April.  

Now, April was a quiet and demure girl.

April graduated our camp and later that year I was standing with Hector in San Francisco after the first Walk for Life.  The Survivors were there doing an after-walk event.

As I stood there with Hector, suddenly some angry passerby stopped to engage, but mainly yell at, the Survivors for daring to speak the truth about abortion.  

As the yeller walked away smug in her banalities, suddenly a young girl stepped out of our line to challenge her face to face!

The demure April Moreno!

As I stood next to her father, a district attorney -I watched his mouth drop open!

Was that really his little April going nose to nose with an angry San Francisco citizen and not only holding her own but backing her down!???!??

Hector told me he would never have dreamed April could ever be so bold.  He thanked me and therein the entire team of people who train at Survivors training camps for transforming his beautiful little girl into a fearless, faithful defender of life!


That is one of my favorite stories, but it is one of a hundred.  Survivors training camps transform young people into courageous and bold Soldiers of the Cross!

How are they transformed?

The young people are transformed with training from national leaders from all across the country and the world.  

Those who have taught and led at our training camps reads like the who's who of national and international pro-life leaders!

Let me take a moment and try and remember the organizations that have sent leaders to train at Survivors:

Priests for Life, Created Equal, Students for Life of America, Rock for Life, American Life League, Stand True, Stanton Health Centers, Stand to Reason, Life Training Institute, Christian Defense Coalition, Life Legal Defense Foundation, Operation Rescue, Youth Defense from Ireland, Abortion Free New Mexico, CEC for Life. On and on it goes - I know I am forgetting dozens of organizations who have graciously given in the past to train Survivors. 

I thank them all again and apologize for those omitted!

That is what I love about the pro-life movement - they sacrifice their time and their energy willingly and graciously to train and equip others to fight for life!

The Survivors do not pay our speakers, sometimes we are able to help with airfare but each and every speaker and trainer who comes to camp is sacrificing to be there!

I love them and thank them for their sacrifice and generosity.

These leaders know our camp is a financial loser.  They know the staff of Survivors sacrifices to make it possible.  My own wife and children and friends do all the cooking during camp, sometimes for upward of 100 people!

Everyone gives of their time and energy and finances to make this camp possible!

This is why we are able to keep our nearly two-week camp at only $450.00.  That is only $45 per day for food, housing, staff, transportation and a myriad of supplies! 

But I need your help!  I want to make this camp even more affordable! 

I want to offer a special discount, an early bird discount through June 15th.  What I am thinking is giving this discount to anyone who signs up before June 15th and an even deeper discount for those who come in a group!

23622250_10154960221946080_2045917860457861633_n (1).jpg

There is nothing better than a mini-team coming from a town or pro-life group.  

But I can't afford to do that without your help and your own sacrificial giving!

I ask every leader, every speaker, to give of their time and energy to make this camp possible.  This camp costs way more than we charge and if I had my way I would charge nothing at all!  But I'm not rich so I can't do that.

However, together, you and I and others giving as generously as we can with what God has given us -we can make this camp and early bird discounts a reality.Our lowest group and early bird discount price is $300.  That means we will be at least $150 short per person.

Will you give $150 to help make up the difference so a young person can come to camp on the early bird?

Maybe you can give enough for a mini-group of five to come and can give $750?  That would be spectacular!  Last year we were saved by one very large and generous gift -it really helped us last year and we are thankful to those who can give so generously.

However, in the end, this camp is usually made possible by friends who give faithful gifts of $35, $50 $75 and $100.  Your gift does make a difference.

Please give the best gift you can today by clicking the buttons below. These camp expenses come fast and furious before camp ever starts.  We need you and your support today if you can.  Thank you very much.

Your Friend for Life,

Jeff White
Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

P.S.  Camp this year is July 23rd through August 2nd in San Francisco.  As I said earlier, I love activism in San Francisco!  It is a hotbed of liberalism and an international tourist destination.  It is the perfect place to train young people to be bold and to know they can hold their own intellectually, scientifically and underpinned by their faith and the rightness of their cause, they can win the day!

But we can't win the day if we don't put the camps on!  And the only way we can do this is with your support of the work of Survivors and this camp in particular!  Please invest in the future of those called to defend life.  Give the best gift you can today.  Please, we will handle the rest!

Tactics Never Before Used. Strategies Never Before Unveiled. A Grassroots Youth-Led Revolution.

It is time for a revolution in pro-life activism!

Our colleges have been captured by extremists!

Today, being pro-life or a Christian on campus is like being black in the 1960's. 

Today, the only place to be safe is in schools for Coloreds Only- we call them Christian Colleges. And even there the oppression and influence of the outside world is felt.

There is another way to be safe on college campuses . . .

. . . be silent!!!

Don't share your beliefs, don't talk about loving life and preborn babies. No, you sit still and listen to everything your liberal professors want to cram down your throat!

Our young people are told to accept that abortion is a moral positive. That it is all about women's rights and social justice and equality. But that is a lie!

And Martin Luther King said: "A lie cannot live."

Abortion is a lie that must not live! Because that lie leads to the death of millions of preborn babies every year. 

Can I give you a piece of sad news?

Abortion rates among those who identify as Christian is nearly the same as those who don't. Why is that? Well, for starters our young people are often not taught what abortion is at church, home, or school.

Oh, they may have a general idea that abortion is wrong, maybe even a grave sin, but they don't really comprehend the evil of abortion. Then when they get to college and realize they are today's "coloreds" they are at best - silent. 

Their beliefs are not convictions and all too often they fall to the false ideals of today's liberals.

A Revolution Is Coming!

If indeed being pro-life is like being black in the 1960's, then we must find the courage the civil rights leaders had in the 1960's.

My friend Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., told me about the day her home was bombed by those opposing civil rights for blacks. She was only a child, but someone hated enough to blow up her home and if possible, her family. 

The men and women of the civil rights movement faced tremendous risk of life and limb but they would not be silent!!!

Alveda King, a pro-life hero and activist said, "Abortion and racism are evil twins, born of the same lie. Where racism now hides its face in public, abortion is accomplishing the goals of which racism only once dreamed."

There it is again - the same evil lie! Will we be silent?

Will we, will our young people be silent? 

The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust will not be silent!

The Survivors call on young people to stand up, to look to the creative minds and the boundless energy God has given them and to take a stand in their day!!!

It is their turn to make History!

It is time for silence to end. 

It is time for cowering before those who promote the killing of children to end.

It is time our young people act like they believe that abortion is the evil of their day.

It is time for them to stand against that evil and to win the day with truth and love!

It is time to affirm the words Martin Luther King said, "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality."

It is time for a revolution in pro-life activism!!!

It is time for . . .

Fetal Uprising!!!

Fetal Uprising is a no holds barred, in your face, unapologetic attack on the lie that abortion is a social or moral good!!!

Abortion is evil - period. 

But how do we begin this revolution?

In theory, our numbers are great; so many students do indeed hold pro-life beliefs.

In reality, those with pro-life convictions are few. And those willing to suffer for those convictions are fewer still.

So how can we wage an effective war against the killing of preborn babies?

Fetal Uprising has a plan!!!

The Fetal Uprising will use strategies and tactics first developed by the civil rights leaders of old and combine them with many of the tactics of today's leftists.

We will add to those tactics a ton of today's technology!!!

But the most important ingredients Fetal Uprising will add to the strategies, tactics, and technology are truth and love as defined by God.

Fetal Uprising is going to focus on college campuses and public forums.

Someone might say: "But there are already campus pro-life groups on campuses across the country."

Yes, there are a good number of campus pro-life groups and clubs.

But Fetal Uprising is not about a college group or club!

Groups and clubs have meetings and treasurers and secretaries and more meetings and pro-life cupcake sales and sock drives and other nice attempts to get the pro-life message out. Always
nice and never wanting to offend. I applaud their efforts.

But Fetal Uprising is not about being nice.

Abortion is evil.

Fetal uprising is going to expose the evil of abortion and challenge even those who don't want to think about it to be forced to do just that.

You cannot wait for people to want to change, they will not come to you! You must confront them with truth!

So how is Fetal Uprising different?

Fetal Uprising only needs one student.

That's right - one student.

One student with the right tactics and tools!

Fetal Uprising is not going to play by the rules

We will take that one student and teach him or her to act with courage and audacity!

We will equip that student with modern tools of activism, many snatched from the leftists themselves. With wit and creativity that student will be able to single handedly create a stir on his or her campus!!!

But how?

Lauren Handy, a creative dedicated young woman spent the last year working and researching with Cheryl Conrad the tactics of social resistance.

They have gathered a comprehensive collection of some of the most effective tools used in years past and some of the cutting edge technology used today.

Survivors are going to take this training online and recruit students to join Fetal Uprising and demand an end to abortion without exception and without apology.

Fetal Uprising is not going to play fair.

Fetal Uprising is not going to be nice.

Fetal Uprising is going underground .

But how?!?!?

Let me give you one example. 

Introducing Guerilla Projection!!!

Imagine, it is 5 p.m. on a university campus. The early setting of the winter sun makes the campus a dark quiet place. Students mill around, engaged in conversations or walking to dorms.

Suddenly a flash of light on the wall of a building catches their attention.

There are words on the wall! Everyone stops to look at it as it dances and flashes its message. It is asking a question . . .

Is abortion evil?

The words are large and bright but the question is even bigger.

Students stop and stare.

Within just a few minutes it is gone.

What was that, they wonder. 

Then the questions hits home and they talk amongst themselves. What do you think? They ask each other. Most dismiss it and go on about their way.

Suddenly another wall lights up.

Is killing a child evil?

Suddenly some start to get angry. The dots are beginning to be placed and they are connecting them. Finally, one last flash upon the wall brings it full circle.

Does abortion kill a child?

The lights are gone but the debate has just begun. 

Then around the corner the same light display is reaching a different group of students.

And evening after evening these light displays pop up over and over. Sometimes the pictures of abortion victims randomly appear but for only a moment for it only takes a moment for the mind's eye to see and understand what is going on.

In time the liberals will begin to freak out.

They will not like losing control of the debate. They will demand the perpetrators be arrested but there are no laws violated.

That won't stop them from trying to create some arrestable offense.

This is why we are only looking for the most courageous to join Fetal Uprising!

Again, I turn to the words of Martin Luther King:

"There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right."

Fetal uprising is looking for that rare one.

That is just one tactic but a tactic we believe will be very effective.

The Socratic Method lays bare the truth of a subject by continually asking questions. We know the answers to the questions above. They are Yes, Yes and Yes!

But many students have never asked themselves that question.

Pro-abortion students will scream women's rights, equality and a right to choose.

The next night the guerilla projection might ask:

Is it a woman's right to kill a child?

Questions, questions, questions.

I believe in the Socratic Method because I believe the image of God is written on every heart. And many students will have been taught right from wrong at home and at church.

It is the prayer of Fetal Uprising that students will be confronted with questions of truth and that boldness will be birthed within them.

A boldness to say Yes! Abortion is Evil! Yes! Killing a child is wrong! Yes! Abortion is the killing of a child and No! It is not a woman's right, or at least it should not be, to kill a child.

This is but one tactic Fetal Uprising will be using but it is one of my favorites. The equipment to carry out this tactic can easily be handled by one student.

But I also know this - If I find that one student he or she will attract other likeminded students and even if it is only two or three students together they can bring the discussion of abortion to every student's lips!

This is one of over 200 tactics and methods that have been compiled by Cheryl and Lauren.

I am going.

I so believe in this project that I am personally going on the road to train up even an individual student in the tactics of Fetal Uprising!

I have videos and training materials that I will share. Then I will spend a day with that one or more students giving them the encouragement and modeling for them the courage and fun of leading a resistance movement.

Fetal Uprising will have its own YouTube channel and Twitter account.

Fetal uprising will use social media to spread the word not only about 

Fetal Uprising but to also spread the message of hope that indeed one person can make a difference and have a huge impact for life!

Here are two examples of Guerilla projection from our Dallas training camp. I loved the blank wall next to Planned Parenthood. It
made the perfect set up to expose Planned Parenthood for who they are and what they do! The other was the apartment building of abortionist Curtis Boyd. 

2018-07-02 (3).png

Here are some examples of larger guerilla projections by leftist groups. I believe Fetal Uprising projections will have greater impact because abortion is so controversial. But don't you just love it!

2018-07-02 (4).png

And may we never forget the low tech but unbelievably effective sidewalk chalk and spray chalk.

2018-07-02 (5).png

Fetal Uprising strikes again!!!!

Unless I want to take the time to write a book I cannot share the hundreds of tactics and creative ideas in store for the Fetal Uprising resistance!

Let me just say we are not going to play fair. We are not going to allow the silence on campus to reign any longer!

The cries of the preborn babies and their defenders will be heard!

Fetal Uprising will be in the face of silent oppression and on the walls and sidewalks and bathrooms and libraries and public forums and private meetings.

Please join me in this new fight!

Help me lead the Survivors in the new resistance. Help me teach even one young person how to have an impact on their campus! Help me introduce and recruit for ...

Fetal Uprising!!!

I will need your help like never before. I will need your help to equip each student with not only training but real equipment! 

I am going on the road and I will be holding trainings wherever I am needed. I am asking you to help make this possible by giving generously and joining this resistance by helping me to get the funding necessary.

I believe this can spread like wildfire!

But I need your help today to get the resources needed to make this a reality. We will be testing many of these new tactics and strategies at our Survivors Training Camp in San Francisco. 

This is going to be one exciting year. 

Will you join the resistance? Every successful resistance had backers. Those who make it all possible. The youth have the time and the energy and the boldness, will you join me in supplying the tools they need?

I have been taught that if your plan is bold ask boldly. I have been in pro-life leadership for over 30 years and not since the days of Operation Rescue sit-ins have I felt so enthusiastic about a time such as this.

So bold I will be.

The largest gift Survivors has ever received is $25,000. My friend, if you are still out there - we need you!

That was only one time. We have received some gifts of $10,000 or $5000 or $1000 or $500 on a few occasions. My friend, if that was you - we need you again! 

Still, every month we get gifts of $35, $50, $75, $100 and it is these faithful gifts that keep the Survivors on the road and on the frontlines - these gifts sustain us. Please, if you can give today - give the best gift you can.

I am 60 years old now and my energy is not what it was 30 years ago when I led Operation Rescue. But my zeal is still there and my years of experience and even my past of being jailed for the preborn will hopefully impart wisdom, courage and boldness to these young people.

I am willing to go. I am willing to lead.

And if you are willing to equip, we will see a revolution born on campuses all across this country! We will see the resistance born. We will see a . . .

Fetal Uprising!!!

I am asking you with all boldness and with all my heart to join me in this new advance in college activism. Please give the best gift you can today and join the resistance!

There is so much preparation needed, not only in developing the and getting ready to train but there is technical preparation also as we seek to make every tool imaginable - available!

We are counting on the imagination and energy of these young people.

I want to train these students, equip them and then I want to unleash

It will be an exciting year and you have an opportunity today to be a part of this revolution from the beginning. Please give generously today.

It is the resistance - it is Fetal Uprising - it is a revolution!

Join with me today and give the best gift you can today, and we can and will launch the Fetal Uprising.

Your friendly revolutionary,

Jeff White
Founder of Survivors
Leader of Fetal Uprising

P.S. The time has come to end the silence about abortion on college campuses. It is time to equip even one bold young person to be a loud and interrupting voice on his or her campus. The days of playing fair are over. It is time for a revolution, it is time for the resistance, it is time for a Fetal Uprising! Please join me in making this revolution possible, give today and join the resistance. Give today and be a part of the Fetal Uprising!

No! Don't Talk to Al Jazeera! No! Don't Talk to the BBC!"

No!  Don’t talk to Al Jazeera!  No! Don’t talk to the BBC!  Why did many tell us this?  Because they believed the liberal media hates conservative pro-lifers and they are worried they will lie about the Survivors.

Now I am not naive, but there two things I do believe in and even though I agree the liberal media is not our friends, I believe.

I believe our young people are sincere and transparent and good teens and college students. I was confident their goodness would come out.

I also believed our camp would take those great young people and teach them to be truthful, bold, loving and well educated on the topic of abortion.  Which would make them powerful ambassadors for life!

Watch the videos below, they are great!

These are not our friends, these are people who told me right up front they were pro-choice. The BBC even called their documentary -- Brainwashing Stacey!

The portion of the Al Jazeera video that features Survivors is only about five minutes.  The BBC Brainwashing Stacey video is 45 minutes.

These both aired all around the world.  

Take a look and also read the Al Jazeera newspaper article -- I think it is the best article we have ever had written.

Watch and read these media accounts of the Survivors Summer Training Camp and you will understand why leaders from around the country consider it the best youth training camp in the nation and why many send their own teens and students to our camp.

Enjoy, and then join us or send someone to camp this summer in San Francisco!

View the BBC “BRAINWASHING STACEY” documentary:

View the clip from the Al Jazeera "THE ABORTION WAR" documentary:

The Fight for Ireland's Life-Valuing Society


Love knows no borders!  Survivor and young American Emma Mysko traveled to Ireland to defend the preborn at a critical point in Irish history.  She was on the frontlines, giving her all for children she will never know, in a country that is not even hers. We at Survivors are proud of her tireless efforts.  Now hear, in her own words, her experience. Thank you for helping to send her.

By Emma Mysko

For three weeks, I traveled all over the beautiful country of Ireland; experiencing their culture, meeting locals, making friends that become like family, and coming to love everything about it.

For three weeks, I lived in a country that constitutionally acknowledged the equal rights of all its people.

For three weeks, I was a part of the fight to keep it that way.

For three weeks, I was pushed to my limit, and then some.  My team and I were spit on, had things thrown at us, were verbally abused, and physically assaulted.  We were told that we would have been better off being aborted, and the women were called traitors to our own gender.

For three weeks, I was constantly challenged.  I was forced to acknowledge my own complacency when lives are on the line.  I was forced to grapple with optimism, pessimism, and realism on a daily basis.

The battle, however, was much longer than three weeks.

For over three decades, Irish children were guaranteed the right to be born.

For over three decades, the people of Ireland have fought hard to maintain equal rights under law.

For over three decades, people diagnosed with disabilities and medical conditions in-utero were given the chance to live a full, happy life.  The resulting diversity of life that has developed is so beautiful and unlike anything I’ve experienced in America.

For over three decades, Irish mothers received the help, care, and support needed to continue in their pregnancies.  The proactive mentality is that pregnant women in crisis deserve help to get out of the crisis, not abortion to get out of the pregnancy.

For over three decades, Irish medical professionals have challenged themselves to do better for mother and child.  They have chosen to do the right thing for both patients, not the easiest. They’ve adapted, overcome, and now Ireland is a global leader in maternal health.

For over three decades, Ireland has proven the rest of the world wrong.  Not only have its people survived without abortion, they have thrived. Hundreds of thousands of Irish citizens are alive today because of the eighth amendment.


On Friday, May 25th, that life-valuing society ceased to exist.

On May 25th, two-thirds of Irish voters chose to remove constitutional protections for preborn humans.  As a result, Ireland has gone from being a country that stands out from the rest to being just another face in the crowd.  What once made Ireland special is now gone.

As an outsider, the pain and loss I’m feeling is nothing compared to that of those who have dedicated their lives to maintaining the 8th amendment.  As a Survivor of America’s Abortion Holocaust, I’ve grown up in a society that allows the killing of its most innocent members. The Irish people have never experienced that, and I don’t think that as an American, I can actually comprehend the heartbreak and profound loss they are facing.  In the days following the referendum, I witnessed many tears. I saw people who had truly lost the nation they once loved and their grieving was authentic and raw.

But the Irish have never been known to quit!  I saw them gearing up for the next round, wiping their tears, strategizing, determined to continue the fight.

In the aftermath of the referendum, the saying, “We’re not called to win every battle, but we are called to fight,” has been running through my head.  We may have lost, but we fought. And if there’s one thing I learned about the Irish people, it’s that they’re resilient. They won’t hang their head in defeat and lose hope.  They lost this battle, but there’s more to come, and they are ready for the fight.

"Rest in Peace Dear Children."


The loss in Ireland was heartbreaking for sure.  So many friends worked so hard. I am reposting this blog from my friend from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, Jonathon Van Maren, where he in turn is forwarding a heartfelt letter of grief from Tim Jackson, who was there and gave his all in the arena only to come up short.  We pray for Ireland.

By Jonathon Van Maren  

In the months leading up to the abortion referendum on May 25, one of the most tireless pro-life activists in the Republic of Ireland was Tim Jackson, a young man who quit his job to work fulltime to save the 8th Amendment. For weeks, he led the Vote No Roadshow right across Ireland, and my colleagues and I witnessed firsthand his passion and dedication to saving the lives of pre-born babies—and the love that Tim received from the army of activists that he led out onto the streets each day.

There is nothing Tim is not willing to do for the pro-life cause—he launched a hunger strike to force the committee considering the removal of the 8th Amendment to view a video of an abortion procedure before they made any decision. He brilliantly confronted Health Minister Simon Harris—who ran for public office as a pro-lifer—at a press conference where Harris intended to promote abortion, asking whether he supported killing innocent human beings—and whether he’d considering repealing the right to life for politicians, as well. The night before the referendum, he was still at the Life House Office—the headquarters of the Save the 8th Campaign—organizing last-minute activism for the next day, so tired he could barely stand. On the day of the referendum, as we drove to the airport to fly home from Dublin, he was sending out messages to pro-lifers urging them to find “No” voters and get them to the polls.

And like all the Irish activists who poured their heart and soul out to save the 8th Amendment, Tim was heartbroken by the result. Today, I saw that he had posted his thoughts on Facebook and fired him a message to ask if I could publish them here. With his permission, here are his thoughts on Ireland’s decision to bring abortion on demand to the Emerald Isle:

Rest in peace dear children. Rest in peace dear land.

A nation has voted to kill its children. The Ireland of St. Patrick, O’Connell, Pearse and Plunkett was sacked on May 25th as the sovereign people turned persecutor with the stroke of a pencil. The carefully crafted Constitution was also destroyed by inserting a fundamental right to kill, whilst celebrations that followed were as tasteless as they were cruel. Who among the cheering fathomed the darkness of the deed? Who else could celebrate a nation choosing to kill its own children but a propagandised and vacuous generation, bereft of love for country or feeling for the innocent to be slaughtered. Is there a more treasonous deed than this?

In times of persecution, famine and grinding poverty, the Irish were a resilient people, clinging to faith, hope and love with a lion-hearted defiance. Children were blessings, welcomed and sacrificed for, proof that there was a future despite mortal dangers and hardship. Now, babies of burden, they are threatening and therefore disposable, to be sacrificed if chosen on the idol altars of self-fulfilment and pleasure.

The underlying obstacle to abortion in this country was not the 8th Amendment. It was the spirit of the Irish people expressed so beautifully in the Preamble of the Constitution, affirming a willing devotion to the goodness of Christ and a sure sense of justice, purpose and integrity. As the bright flame of Christ was extinguished in soul after soul, it was inevitable that evil would envelope the land. The ship is sinking, the passengers asleep, and everywhere “the ceremony of innocence is drowned.” Nihilism reigns. Christ is mocked. And Barabbas is free.



The level of irrationality was astounding: incessant appeals to equality, compassion and care were enough to convince the masses that this murder most foul was not glaringly discriminatory, barbaric and inhumane, but actually progressive. Little thought was given to a proper application of human rights, with a right to kill sought and sanctioned by popular demand.

But this will not be the last word. Whilst the deconstruction of the island of saints and scholars is nearing completion, the architects in their haste have forgotten to ask: who will inherit the land – is it those who kill their young or those who welcome each as gift?

I know the answer, many know the Truth, but the pain of stamping on the faces of Irish saints, martyrs, patriots and children is too much to witness. The land that kept the flame of western civilization alive on Skellig Michael, in Glendalough and Clonmacnoise has become a savage parody of nobler days gone by. Exiled and dejected, it is to the empty tomb that we turn again. He is Risen and with us, and we will not forget.

With men like Tim Jackson to fight for her, we can all have hope for Ireland. Her children could not ask for a better champion."


BREAKING: Curtis Boyd Under Investigation by New Mexico Medical Board

By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- Abortion Free New Mexico received confirmation from the New Mexico Medical Board (NMMB) that they have launched an investigation into the death of a local Albuquerque woman who died on February 4, 2017 as a result of complications suffered during a late term abortion performed by Curtis Boyd.

Curtis Boyd owns Southwestern Women’s Options, the largest late term abortion center in the country, which is located in Albuquerque, NM. An undercover investigation done by Abortion Free New Mexico exposed that at Southwestern Women’s Options a woman can obtain an abortion up to 37 weeks of pregnancy for $17,000. Curtis Boyd has readily admitted on national television that he knows that he is killing babies.

The letter from the New Mexico Medical Board dated March 2, 2018 addressed to Tara Shaver states in part,

“[The] New Mexico Medical Board received your complaint against Curtis Boyd, M.D. on 12/18/2017, and was forwarded to the Executive Committee for their review and determination on whether or not a formal investigation is warranted.

The Board’s Executive Committee have reviewed the complaint and have determined that the allegations contained in it warrant further formal review to determine whether the licensee is in violation of the Medical Practice Act.”

Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico released the following statement,

“Curtis Boyd’s unregulated late term abortion practices will finally come under scrutiny by the New Mexico Medical Board, and this is long overdue. It is unfortunate that one woman had to die to produce this investigation, but we are hopeful that what is uncovered will serve to protect many babies and their mothers from late term abortions at the hands of Curtis Boyd in the future.”



Where It All Began!

We held a Survivors Kick out the Killers mini camp in Dallas, Texas and it was a great success.  This camp was hosted at a Catholic School and organized by my dear friend and prolife warrior, Sue Cyr.

We at Survivors believe this is a model we can take to any city we are asked to come to.  I wasn’t sure we could get the transformation we desired in so short of space because we are a lead-by-example organization.  Getting sufficient training and enough on the street activism was our top priority. We tightened up the training and began light activism within a day.

It turned out great and definitely something that we can continue to do as we are invited to cities across the country to activate the youth. Read Sue’s report below!

Your friend for life,

jw sig.png



Back in the Saddle: 

Dallas Camp During Spring Break

By Sue Cyr

It’s easy to fall off the saddle.

I was raised in an active pro-life family, and have done many years of pro-life work. And yet it’s easy to get distracted with family, church, and helping others around me.  Sometimes we can forget that babies are actually dying every day. . . that abortion continues to be legal in our country!

Here in Dallas, about 50 babies are killed every day.  50 . . . 50 . . . 50 . . . 50 . . . 50 . . . 50 . . . babies being killed, and moms hurt. That means we need to stay focused to help end abortion, so the killing will end . . . not just in Dallas, but in our whole nation, and God-willing, the world.  

I’m so very thankful the Survivors’ team came to Dallas for an amazing 5-day mini-camp during Spring Break.  We gathered 39 youth for the camp, and most of them hadn’t done any pro-life activism before. They are a very sweet group of kids, from great families, and willing to be used by God.  

collage (1).jpg

The most fun part for me was watching these kids go from “willing” to “doing”.  Each day, they went from sitting in chairs during the training talks, and watching movies about how to peacefully end societal evils -- to being out on the frontlines making an impact in Dallas and Fort Worth. Since the focus of Survivors is to actively train the youth to end abortion, our campers did activism specifically designed to make abortion unthinkable and uncomfortable.

We picketed abortionists at their homes and other business offices with graphic abortion-victim signs. We showed fetal-development displays and gave handouts in the popular downtown Klyde Warren Park. Several campers were willing to take the bullhorn to share the pro-life truth to those walking by. The campers enjoyed doing Operation Overpass with pro-life banners above a freeway, chalking pro-life messages on sidewalks, doing the Memorial Die-In with red cloth, using the neon Light Up Boards at night saying "Planned Parenthood Kills Babies", and the Nighttime Projection of pro-life messages on a building next to Planned Parenthood.  

Many of them, even shy kids, were excited to be trained to speak with the police who might show up at our events.  And it was fun to see different campers take the role of Event Leader and direct all the other campers what to do, where to stand, and to then close the event in prayer.  My two sons enjoyed the camp and took turns as Event Leader, Police Liaison, photographer, and more.

collage 2.jpg

The campers were very moved when we visited the Calvary Hill Cemetery where 1,500 aborted babies are buried, and heard from pro-lifer Laura Weston about how she found the babies in the dumpsters behind abortion clinics, how she cleaned up their little bodies, and worked to give them a proper burial -- now at this cemetery site that has a memorial service each year.

As the camp pressed forward, the kids were so excited to be making an impact.  And I was so excited to be reaching out to many pro-lifers from years gone by, and making contact to work with current pro-life activists and leaders. Lots of connections were made and with God’s grace, will continue to produce fruit in ending abortion.

The camp was a team effort and came together with moms providing meals, donors providing plane tickets and hotel rooms, several sacrificial pro-lifers traveling across the country to help make the camp happen, and national pro-life strategists coming to speak to the campers. If you want to generate pro-life activism in your city, sponsoring a mini-camp is a great way to call the youth together, muster resources, and go out to proclaim God’s desire for love and protection for the unborn.

Untitled collage 3.jpg

The campers are now saying, “Let’s do more activism in Dallas”, and “I really want to go to the summer camp in California.”  Five of the campers already helped me at an event just five days after camp ended.

And a reminder for us all: one of the young campers said the only thing she would change about camp is for us to “pray more”, so we can be even more prepared for the battle.  I agree, and love that wisdom from this leader who will be taking the reins from us.

At the end of the camp I felt so thankful.  I felt blessed to see these campers transformed into doing passionate activism in such a beautiful way in just 5 days.

I’m very blessed to be back in the saddle.


BREAKING: Curtis Boyd Under Investigation by New Mexico Medical Board

By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- Abortion Free New Mexico received confirmation from the New Mexico Medical Board (NMMB) that they have launched an investigation into the death of a local Albuquerque woman who died on February 4, 2017 as a result of complications suffered during a late term abortion performed by Curtis Boyd.

Curtis Boyd owns Southwestern Women’s Options, the largest late term abortion center in the country, which is located in Albuquerque, NM. An undercover investigation done by Abortion Free New Mexico exposed that at Southwestern Women’s Options a woman can obtain an abortion up to 37 weeks of pregnancy for $17,000. Curtis Boyd has readily admitted on national television that he knows that he is killing babies.

The letter from the New Mexico Medical Board dated March 2, 2018 addressed to Tara Shaver states in part,

“[The] New Mexico Medical Board received your complaint against Curtis Boyd, M.D. on 12/18/2017, and was forwarded to the Executive Committee for their review and determination on whether or not a formal investigation is warranted.

The Board’s Executive Committee have reviewed the complaint and have determined that the allegations contained in it warrant further formal review to determine whether the licensee is in violation of the Medical Practice Act.”

Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico released the following statement,

“Curtis Boyd’s unregulated late term abortion practices will finally come under scrutiny by the New Mexico Medical Board, and this is long overdue. It is unfortunate that one woman had to die to produce this investigation, but we are hopeful that what is uncovered will serve to protect many babies and their mothers from late term abortions at the hands of Curtis Boyd in the future.”




The New Pro-Life Movement: True or False

by: Father Terry Gensemer, Director of CEC For Life

NPLM meme.jpg

Some may remember several years back when Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) popped onto the pro-life scene.  They had awesome graphics, a great presence on social media, and seemed to be a reinvigorated voice in the movement that young people could really get behind.

That fanfare, however, was short lived, as leaders within AHA soon became hypercritical of every major leader in the movement, and even more critical of the Catholic Church, which they believed to pretty much be the Antichrist.  As they received push back from every kind of pro-lifer for this overwhelming aggression, AHA pushed even harder, ultimately claiming that the current movement had failed from being too soft, and that AHA's "new" approach (of establishing chapters and handing out literature - true story) would finally end abortion.  They washed their hands of the movement.  And now, not many would know who they are.

So, enter the New Pro Life Movement, an ambitious group began by Patheos bloggers Rebecca Bratten Weiss and Matthew Tyson, in response to Trump receiving the Republican nomination.  The NPLM is the cheery version of AHA, who wants to work with everyone (as long as they didn't vote for Trump), but remains publicly hypercritical of the current movement.  Like AHA, they too, believe the movement has failed - but not because we are too soft.  Rather, because the movement is too hard. Too narrowly focused. And more Republican than they can stand.

Including just about every Democratic plank, the NPLM believes that unless we devote ourselves to what they call the 11 Pillars, we are not truly pro-life.  The 11 Pillars of the NPLM
include: The Right to Life, Abortion, Women's Rights and Justice, Euthanasia, War, Death Penalty, Healthcare (Universal), Poverty, Environment, Gun Violence, Social & Political Involvement.

The list itself is not problematic.  Any pro-lifer could hold a number of opinions on some of these issues without compromising a pro-life stance. (Again, pretty sure Democrats for Life of America has been doing so for years.) The list itself should not concern the pro-life movement.  However, the philosophy and means by which they aim to address and accomplish this "new pro-life movement" should be very alarming to anyone involved in the fight against abortion.

Red Flag #1: Common Ground Because War Isn't Nice

The NPLM focuses on the idea of eliminating the demand for abortion, rather than supply, believing that this will close the distance between pro-lifers and abortion advocates.  In order to do this, they reiterate again and again the idea of finding common ground with abortion supporters, banking on the sentiment that no one really wants abortion, and rejecting the concept of a "culture war." They truly believe that abortion supporters will just come alongside them once they calmly explain that they are helping pregnant women.

"Our goal is not to defeat this or that cultural opponent," they write on their website. "We believe we will be more effective in creating a culture of life if we are able to find common ground as often as possible."

In his most recent video, co-founder Matt Tyson says of abortion supporters, "I guarantee you they can get on board with helping women...No one is going to complain if people stop having abortions.  They're just not. That's not a thing.  That's not going to happen."

Rebecca Bratten Weiss strongly agrees with this idea of bringing abortion supporters "on board" with the NPLM.  In a recent blog post criticizing the March for Life (along with the rest of the movement), Weiss writes, "I have encountered more and more thoughtful, ethical pro-choice advocates who sincerely believe that we need to have fewer abortions...."

Ok, sure.  Your average pro-choicer on the street might say they'll go for fewer.  But "fewer" certainly is not zero.  Fewer is not removing abortion altogether.  What do they say when you propose that? (Answer: Abortion on demand without apology!)  Because the idea of "reproductive choice" is not based on circumstances or volume; it is based on the preborn child having no rights and the woman exercising "bodily autonomy."  The reason isn't what matters to them.  The "right" is what matters.

Not to mention that a person you spoke to at the Women's March is not a Cecile Richards, or a Barack Obama, or any number of powerful people who have made certain that abortion is entrenched in our society.  For them, abortion is not a debate, it is a directive.  And they do not engage in peace talks.

Yet, Weiss believes she can build a pro-life culture with any of these people.  In this same article, she discusses building bridges with "many responsible and ethical pro-choice feminists and political leaders."

To shy away from the idea of a culture war in order to more fully embrace the opposition is not only an error in judgment, but a fatal flaw that will ensure failure. There is simply no common ground for murder.

Ironically, NPLM states under their Pillar against War that "military force is only justifiable when absolutely necessary to stop an unjust aggressor and protect the lives of innocent human beings." Over the last four decades, sixty million innocent lives have been destroyed by the unjust aggressors of abortion.  If that's not a war, then what is?

Red Flag #2: Fight Everything or It Doesn't Count

The NPLM prefers the phrases "consistent life ethic" or "whole-life ethic."  They state that a "true pro-life ideology focuses on more than just abortion," which refers to their 11 Pillars.  If you aren't willing to support all of their positions - including universal healthcare and preventing climate change - then you aren't really pro-life.  (And again, if you voted for Trump, just leave now.)

This is perhaps the most hypocritical slant of the "new" movement.  There's room for an "ethical pro-choicer" - whatever that is - to sit at the table.  But if you are already pro-life, suddenly the standard flies skyward.  There is no middle ground on gun control, or healthcare, or the environment - issues on which pro-lifers have always held varying opinions with no trouble.

Under the "new" movement, you can't believe that any one of those things, abortion included, is more important than the other, or you cease to be pro-life.

Pro-Life apologist Scott Klusendorf recently wrote an excellent article to combat this very line of thinking.  He writes:

"Abortion intentionally kills a million innocent human beings every year. Given that brutal reality, pro-lifers are right to put greater emphasis on the lives of the unborn...Demanding they do more is like telling an abolitionist in 1860, 'You can't be against slavery unless you address its underlying causes.'

"Slavery is wrong. Abortion is wrong. Neither statement requires further qualification."

The all-or-none approach is strikingly similar to how Black Lives Matter proceeded (and AHA, actually).  The BLM movement, organized under the banner of ending senseless police violence against African Americans, also adamantly chose to include advocacy in favor of LGBTQ, abortion, and "dismantling the nuclear family." And, much like the current NPLM, if you cannot embrace every platform then you cannot truly believe Black lives matter.

It's actually pretty tyrannical.  And it's in this same vein that the NPLM is creating their line in the sand, while simultaneously criticizing pro-lifers who prioritize the fight against abortion for...well, drawing a line in the sand.

Is it possible that the NPLM simply thinks that by including more issues on equal levels, more people will join their movement?  Perhaps they do.  And perhaps they will.  But will more preborn children be saved?  Absolutely not.  You can't fight on eleven fronts at the same time and hope to win.  The pro-life movement formed in response to legalized abortion.  It formed as passionate citizens came to the rescue, quite literally, of innocent preborn children being torn apart in the womb.

To lose that focus is to lose the movement.  Moreover, abortion is a systematic evil that tears away at the fabric of any society willing to embrace it.  If the NPLM wishes to end poverty, war, or gun violence - then end abortion.  Because as long as a child in the womb - innocent and defenseless - is not deemed worthy of protection, then no one outside of the womb, with far more means to defend themselves, ever will be either.

Red Flag #3: Women First, Babies Second

The NPLM is also unequivocally feminist.  It seems to be the lens through which everything they articulate is filtered. In fact, "feminist activists" is the only group on their About Us page that is welcomed by name: "We especially welcome feminist activists who share our concern for opposing those societal evils that drive women to abortion...."

This creates a drastic change in focus for the NPLM.  Whereas, the current pro-life movement focuses on gaining rights for the preborn, who have none, as well as providing care for mothers and fathers that will enable them to walk away from abortion, the NPLM seems to believe women should come first.

In their 11 Pillars, NPLM states that "women are the central figures in the abortion debate" (not the preborn).  And there's no mention of fathers either, who are also devastated by abortion.  This kind of narrow focus has the potential to gloss over the true crux of the abortion issue: personhood for the preborn.

This is made shockingly evident in the article written by Weiss that was mentioned earlier.  She states:

"It's true that abortion can be physically and psychologically harmful to a woman. But what the pro-life movement fails to note is that in many cases, NOT choosing abortion will hurt women more. They'll be kicked out of homes and schools, fired from their jobs, shunned by their communities. Lacking medical coverage, they will sink into crushing debt. Lacking funds, they can't take time off work in the event of a high-risk pregnancy. Infant and maternal mortality rates are an issue here. Often, they can barely even feed the children they have. They may be stuck in abusive marriages, and be afraid to bring a baby into a violent home."

Weiss gives zero attention to the fact that when a woman chooses abortion, a child is denied her basic right to life and ripped to pieces. Instead, she makes the bizarre argument that a woman choosing not to have an abortion - that is, choosing not to become implicit in her own child's horrific death - can be more physically and psychologically damaged by making a choice for life.

Which do you think is harder to bear: Losing your job, or letting someone kill your child?

Under their Pillar for Women's Rights & Justice, the NPLM also complains that the current movement has failed to help pregnant women, stating that there is "too much time spent arguing with the social and political figures who support abortion and not nearly enough time spent helping the women who actually have [abortions]."

They seem to ignore the fact that, while abortion clinics are currently in the hundreds, pregnancy resource centers are now in the thousands.  Or that every day countless sidewalk counselors stand outside of clinics, in every type of weather, for hours on end, to offer women alternatives to abortion. Or that resources like Rachel's Vineyard and Silent No More exist and were created specifically to help women who did choose abortion.

It seems the NPLM has all kinds of criticisms to readily offer against the pro-life movement, and "new ideas" to try - like helping women. Ultimately, however, it fails to acknowledge a long-standing history of compassion and hard labor made evident through the hundreds and thousands of resources now available for mothers and fathers and their preborn child.  Not to mention counseling and services available to abortion workers looking for healing and a new life.

The NPLM seems to remove itself from this history, believing it has the new, best way to end abortion, just as other groups, such as AHA, have done before.

And, look, there is no problem in changing tactics to win any war; sometimes a tactical change is necessary.  But to alter your vision so much that you lose sight of your purpose; to relinquish ground in the name of common ground; to forget exactly who it is you came to rescue; these are things we must not do.  We cannot do. Because lives are hanging in the balance.

The NPLM may be new, and it might be a movement, but it lends itself to some very slippery slopes.  Slopes we have seen before.  Proceed with caution.

Originally Posted on CEC For Life

NPLM meme 2.jpg

As a movement, we all try to hold the title of " truly pro-life," and decide for ourselves what that ought to mean.   We've condemned harsh, negative phrases like "anti-abortion" or "anti-choice," instead favoring more relevant, approachable terms. In many cases, we've lost sight of the essence of our movement or have sacrificed our purpose in order to be more accepted by society.

It would be ridiculous to expect all those who claim the label of "pro-life" to fit the same mold. We all come from different backgrounds and hold different values; however, in our differences, we must be cautious that we do not place our own desires over the lives of preborn children in need.  We must remember that to be pro-life, first and foremost, we must be anti-abortion.

What are yours?

Forward Movement for Personhood in the Trump Administration

white house.JPG

This is such great news!

Over the past few weeks, Survivors brought to pro-life Americans the Personhood Proclamation Petition.

Drawing from Ronald Reagan's Personhood Proclamation, our Petition asks President Trump to make the personhood of preborn human beings his official policy through an Executive Order, sparking a showdown in the Supreme Court.


But your message to Trump and his administration is critical. And tomorrow is the deadline for public comment!

We have pro-life friends in the Department of Health and Human Services, and HHS has written in its Strategic Plan for 2018-2022 that it will serve and protect "Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception."

This is exciting because it goes hand in hand with our Personhood Proclamation efforts and will anger the pro-abortion forces.

We want them angry, and we want Trump to go further in issuing an Executive Order that makes personhood of the preborn the policy of ALL executive agencies.

The Executive Order will generate a historic showdown in the Supreme Court because of the lawsuits filed by those angry proaborts over personhood!


1. Send a comment of support to the HHS.
2. Sign and share with everyone the Personhood Proclamation petition.

The HHS has opened its draft plan for public comment through October 27.


(Go to the comment box at the bottom of the HHS web page.)

Here's a sample comment that you can leave with the HHS:

As a pro-life friend of the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, I want to express my very enthusiastic support for the HHS' draft language that promises to serve and protect "Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception." I urge President Trump to go further in issuing an Executive Order that makes personhood of the preborn the official policy of all executive agencies. This will generate lawsuits and a historic showdown in the Supreme Court over personhood.

CLICK HERE to learn about the battle plan and
sign the Personhood Proclamation petition!

Trump's Huuuge Opportunity

Trump signing 3.jpg

I want to be straightforward because I believe what I am going to share is so simple it could only have come from God.

It is a vision to end abortion in America!

Thirty years ago this January, President Ronald Reagan published a Personhood Proclamation. It is a beautiful proclamation declaring that personhood begins at the moment of conception and continues to natural death.

It is a stunning proclamation, a philosophical statement and a wonderfully worded affirmation of the value of human life.

But it had no teeth, no power, and in the end – NO EFFECT!

What we needed then and what we need now is Reagan’s Personhood Proclamation attached to a President Donald Trump Executive Order!!!

Hear this and see the simplicity!

Donald Trump issued an Executive Order travel ban, and what happened?

It was immediately enjoined by Federal Courts and ended up going before the U.S. Supreme Court in less than 3 months to decide the matter!

Here is the vision!

Donald Trump signs an Executive Order declaring the personhood of the preborn child!

Better yet, he signs an executive order attached to Ronald Reagan’s Personhood Proclamation thirty years to the day after Reagan issued the original proclamation.

How does that change things?

In his Executive Order, President Trump will direct all executive agencies under his control to immediately apply the Executive Order to their operations.

Suddenly, abortions could be illegal in the military. Federal agencies would have to grapple with how to apply the history-making executive order!

And the lawsuits will come flying in!!!  Injunctions will flow like honey from those who oppose life and want to protect the Abortion Cartel!

Then what happens?

The cases go before the Supreme Court and the court must finally decide what it purposely and shamefully failed to address in the Roe v. Wade decision!

When does personhood begin?

Today, science is clear as to when life begins.

The law is clear on when life begins:

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-212) is a United States law which recognizes an embryo or fetus in utero as a legal victim, if they are injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listed federal crimes of violence. The law defines "child in utero" as "a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb."

And certainly, God is clear.

Now all we must do is get the Supreme Court to give to babies what was not given to blacks in America until the 13th 14th and 15th amendments to our Constitution -- PERSONHOOD!

And when the Supreme Court does what it should and recognizes the personhood of every preborn child, ABORTION WILL COME TO ITS LEGAL END!

There it is!

A vision so clear, a path so straight, it could only come from God.

Please join this fight!

The vision is, I believe, from God. God gave the vision to my friend Fr. Stephen Imbarrato from Priests for Life and when he shared it with me I became an instant true believer. Immediately I asked if I could push this hard and he said, “Absolutely!”

So here is battle plan phase one:

Share this idea with everyone you know!  Have them sign the Personhood Proclamation.

They can sign it at

When they do, I will forward them an email they can send to all their friends to enlist them in this unprecedented fight for life.

Give a donation today!  Give like never before.  In my letter I put in hashtags -- #TrumpLegacy  #PersonhoodProclamation  #ReaganTrump.

If you don’t know what those are for then please double or triple your donation!!

Those hashtags commonly used in social media create what they call trending topics.

Thirty years ago when I got in the fight for life we had flyers, handed out in churches and in the public. We sent letters at incredible expense. We ran even more expensive print or radio ads. We were fortunate if we reached a few thousand with the message.

Today we have social media and it has revolutionized the call to action!

Countries have fallen because of the impact of social media!

I will continue to send out thousands of letters but we MUST get onto the social media tracks if we are going to get this done!!!

Get what done?

We must persuade President Donald Trump to sign an executive order declaring personhood for the preborn baby.


We have access to the President like never before.  

I know people who can speak to President Trump directly. Charmaine Yost who was with Americans United for Life is in the Trump Administration! Jay Sekulow used to represent me and other national leaders in Operation Rescue and now he is an attorney to the president and popular spokesperson for President Trump. Alveda King, a friend, a great pro-life leader, and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King recently spoke at the Trump rally in Arizona at the request of the President. These friends ALL have access! And I know there are many more.

That is just to name a few!

That is why your gift -- and I am asking you to give like never before – is so vitally important!  We must make this frontline news!


By sending out thousands of letters just like this one.

By getting on the phone to our friends and asking them to sign the Personhood Proclamation at

Asking our friends if they know anyone with access to President Trump and asking them to bring it up to the President.

Say what you will about President Trump, I believe this about him: When he believes something is right he acts on it. He is a man of conviction.

And I believe President Trump is pro-life to his core.

I believe he will sign a Personhood Proclamation Executive Order!

When he does it will set in motion the wheels of justice that will bring an end to legalized abortion in America!

Step back non-believers! Go home naysayers! Now is the time for faith and action!

Now is the time to give so we can spread this message and plea for sanity in America and all across America!

Please right now, I am asking you to give the very best gift you can, a gift greater than the biggest gift you have ever given.

The walls of the Abortion Cartel’s castle of lies are crumbling and we MUST rush through the breach!  Now is the time.  I must get this out to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands if I can.

But I need your help now!

Please give now. As if your life depended on it because the babies’ lives do.

You will be hearing a lot from me in the coming days.  I will keep you abreast of this charge towards victory.  Please be a part of this historic battle and we can end this killing.






We Call Them Survivors

dwvadf adf afb.jpg

Dear Pro-Life Advocate,

I hope I speak for all pro-life advocates when I say that I am sick to death of the endless fighting over Planned Parenthood (PP) funding coming out of Washington, D.C.

Babies are dying and nothing is getting accomplished. The lies, propaganda, and carnage continue unabated, led by pro-abort progressives and the profit-driven baby butchers at Planned Parenthood!

Pro-abortion zealots will never stop fighting for the right to kill and unless we take decisive action now, Planned Parenthood and clinics like theirs will continue to thrive on America’s abortion-for-profit enterprise.

In fact, the news from D.C. is getting worse. After months of delay, Planned Parenthood finally released their required-by-law non-profit 2016 annual report. They didn’t want it revealed but they had no choice. The numbers are horrific.

Over 300,000 abortions performed at Planned Parenthood clinics. Over $500 million dollars taken in federal subsidies. Dramatic declines in non-abortion “planning” services.

This is not “planned” parenting, this is a holocaust and the victims are the babies whose bodies are being ripped from their mother’s womb!

Washington is not solving this. Planned Parenthood is too rich, too powerful and utterly ruthless in its campaign to keep abortion a part of American life.

I am sickened by this and I hope you are as well. It has got to stop and the ONLY way we can begin to save babies today is to march to the front steps of Planned Parenthood and one clinic at a time -- shut this monster down!

It can be done! We know how to do it. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Each time we do, hundreds and maybe thousands of babies can be saved. It’s time to act decisively and we now have the pro-life recruits to succeed, but they need to be trained first!

For the last twenty years Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust has been the premier pro-life organization in America that trains and deploys pro-life advocates to effectively, legally, and safely fight to save babies and their families from the horrors of abortion.

Our list of graduates and participants include some of the most respected and successful pro-life advocates in America today. But it’s the rank and file, the new young recruits that we must focus on now.

This year we have maxed out our training camp budget, but we have a tremendous list of passionate young people still waiting to be trained. We do not want them to stay home! We want them with their youthful zeal, in the field saving babies!

If we raise $45,000 over the next 30 days, we can have one hundred new pro-life warriors trained, deployed, and stopping abortions almost immediately following graduation!

  Imagine being spat upon, physically attacked, handcuffed, and thrown in jail simply for standing up for the life of an unborn child. Most people wither under that kind of intimidation. Not our guys. Not our warriors!

 Imagine being spat upon, physically attacked, handcuffed, and thrown in jail simply for standing up for the life of an unborn child. Most people wither under that kind of intimidation. Not our guys. Not our warriors!

Every young person we put on the street will have enormous impact, especially these courageous youth who connect so easily with their peers. They have the passion, but standing up to the abuse, vitriol, and legal threats thrown at their pro-life activities takes guts and determination.

They’ll be taught how to handle it. They’ll be trained how to stand their ground, even against the harshest attacks.

They’ll know their rights because we’ve trained them. They’ll know their mission because God has called them to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death (Proverbs 24:11). They’ll also know that when things get really serious, we and our supporters like you have their backs! That’s empowering stuff!

But our pro-life warriors can’t just hit the streets carrying signs and chanting.

Imagine going up against a crazed mob pumped up by the juggernaut Planned Parenthood. It’s a daunting, potentially dangerous situation.

Over the last few years in particular, pro-life, anti-abortion activists have faced some of the harshest attacks ever. I’ve seen passionate young pro-lifers attacked, bloodied, and arrested for speaking out to save a baby’s life.

Very often our young Survivors are those activists! We learned long ago that to be truly effective, every pro-life activist must be trained to stand against the machine, to face the hatred, to win the battles, and to lay down their lives so others may live.

In other words, we want their protests to do more than make noise, make the news, and maybe change some minds.

We want them to save the babies and force abortion giants like Planned Parenthood out of our communities -- for good!

And that’s exactly what we are accomplishing.

I’m proud to say that our pro-life warriors, graduates of our Survivors training camps, are having a profound impact where it does the most good, at the front door of the abortion clinic.

It started by training our Survivor warriors to know and defend their rights. We had already won an important case that established our constitutional rights to target an abortion clinic’s business. We tested those rights. The clinic knew we were coming and had local police, federal marshals and the abortion clinic’s own off-duty policeman standing by. Undaunted by the show of force, our warriors took positions at the front of the clinic and knelt in prayer. Within 48 hours we were back in court only this time our rights were affirmed. We returned to the clinic the next day and kept firm with our vigil. Six months later -- that abortion clinic closed for good.

Make it local. Make it impactful. End the abortions.

When determined young pro-life advocates take their message to the front door of the abortion clinic in their own hometowns, abortion rates plummet.

And our number one tar get is Planned Parenthood, the poster child for profit-producing abortions.

Planned Parenthood’s weakness is greed -- and we’re exploiting that.

Everyone knows, PP is in the abortion business for the money. Yes, they go on about their “health care services to women”, but here’s the reality:

If you run a Planned Parenthood clinic and don’t turn a profit, you’re going to be shut down.

That’s right, Planned Parenthood is not in the business of women’s health, they’re in the business of killing babies and make a hefty profit as a result.

Just look at what they pay Cecile Richards (PP CEO). She took home a half-million dollars last year while pontificating on national media about the “essential” work PP does to deliver women’s health services to the under-served.

A total lie. When a Planned Parenthood clinic’s financials go red, they routinely shut the clinic down

Want proof? Here’s this. It didn’t make the news, but it should have…

Last year, Planned Parenthood closed 20 separate PP clinics. These clinics all had one thing in common; not one of them was turning a profit!

That’s where our warriors are trained to fight most effectively. We don’t close the clinics, Planned Parenthood does that for us!

Our warriors are trained to go straight to work on a single clinic setting up legally sanctioned resistance to the abortion services. With persistence and proven and effective tactics, the impact is felt inside. Abortion services plummet. Patients disappear. Babies do not die.

And when PP no longer profits from abortions, they order the clinic to close their doors! If they can’t make a profit, they are shut down!

Last step of a desperate clinic -- Planned Parenthood builds a wall!

 In a desperate move to protect their abortion business, PP actually built this wall to keep our warriors away. Could this be their last attempt to save this clinic? It didn’t stop our warriors from keeping up the pressure and stopping the abortions it performed!

In a desperate move to protect their abortion business, PP actually built this wall to keep our warriors away. Could this be their last attempt to save this clinic? It didn’t stop our warriors from keeping up the pressure and stopping the abortions it performed!

One at a time. Clinic by clinic. Kill the abortions and you kill the clinic.

With persistence and determination, coupled with a full understanding of their rights, Survivor warriors begin eroding the financial base of the targeted clinic then erase the abortion business entirely. And when the abortion revenue dries up, the clinic shuts down.

As I stated above, Planned Parenthood’s weakness is its greed. And what works to shut down a PP clinic works to shut down any private clinic as well.

Abortions stopped. Babies saved.

Last year PP shut down 20 of its own clinics because those clinics could not remain profitable. We believe that we can force them to close even more this year.

That’s why it is vitally important that we train as many of these young, enthusiastic pro-life warriors as possible.

You can help us achieve that objective.

This important new fundraising drive will determine how many additional Survivors training camps we can host this year. And we have to move quickly.

Most of our attendees are students who are only able to make summer dates. It is urgent that we get as many young warriors as possible trained for battle this summer. Your immediate support is crucial to the success of our 2017 campaign. These young adults will be out there fighting for what we all believe in -- the end of abortion in America.

 Our young warriors are taught how to interact respectfully and lawfully with the authorities which are often called out by abortionists. Over the decades we’ve had many unlawful arrests -- but w e’ve never lost a leg al case where our warriors rights to protest were being challenged.

Our young warriors are taught how to interact respectfully and lawfully with the authorities which are often called out by abortionists. Over the decades we’ve had many unlawful arrests -- but w e’ve never lost a leg al case where our warriors rights to protest were being challenged.

If you share that belief, we pray that you will take a moment right now to help these young pro-life champions with your generous financial support.

For every $450 we raise we can get another pro-life warrior trained and deployed. We have a tremendous waiting list of young people ready to answer the call and willing to sacrifice their summer to learn to save lives, we need only to find people like you, willing to give to make camp possible for these young people.

The young people who make up the core of future pro-life activities are the least able to afford attending.

Your help makes their participation possible!

We cannot keep these young eager activists standing in line for another 12 months, or worse, missing camp altogether because they cannot afford to come.

We need them out there fighting for life now!

We need them standing in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic fighting against this for-profit abortion monster.

We need them returning to their hometowns fired up and leading the fight to end abortion where they live.

We need them to carry that fight, and to be prepared -- to prevent them from being abused, assaulted or arrested by authorities or pro-choice abortionists! Knowing their rights and proper training can win the day!

We recognize that our trainees’ passion alone will not stand against the pressure of pro-abort zealotry -- particularly when that zealotry is fueled by the lies and propaganda from the progressive left and America’s number one baby-killer, Planned Parenthood.

To be effective, to be safe, these young pro-life warriors need our support and our training. We know that. We’ve been on the streets ourselves.

We know how to challenge the abortion cartel and their propaganda. We know how to make our voices heard and do so without violating the law.

Most important, we know how to change the hearts and minds of the young women and men who have been seduced by the treachery of baby butchers and the lies of “pro-choice” rhetoric.

This is what saves the babies.

Keep in mind what we are up against, perhaps the most powerful and richest lobbying machine in America today, Planned Parenthood!

The passion and the commitment of America’s next generation of pro-life activists is simply not enough to stand alone against these butchers. As must be the case for all effective armies, the troops must be trained! They must be provided the tools, resources and support needed to face their adversaries.

That is our core mission at Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.

We are the oldest pro-life, anti-abortion organization in America today exclusively focused on the young people who are so desperately needed to win our war against abortion.

As a fellow pro-life advocate you must surely recognize that the passion and the commitment of the next generation must be nurtured and harnessed.

That’s precisely what we do at our training camps. We teach young advocates what works and what doesn’t. We show them how to respectfully and righteously stand for life and expose the lies of the abortion cartel. We teach them how to save the lives of the innocent.

Today the demand for our camps is greater than at any time in the past. We desperately need new funding to expand our program and get these warriors-to-be out there fighting for life!

To accomplish this, we need to raise $450 for every new recruit that wants to attend our training camps. Many who attend pay all or part of the bill themselves; that’s how passionate they are! But most are young with limited means. To attend, they depend on the support we receive from outside donations and sponsorships.

We must never turn away these pro-life activists for lack of funds!

 Over the last twenty years, our group, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, has trained more pro-life, anti-abortion activists than any group in America.

Over the last twenty years, our group, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, has trained more pro-life, anti-abortion activists than any group in America.

We are reaching out to the pro-life community to help us train all who want to fight for the lives of the preborn and end abortion in America.

Please take a moment right now to consider how your financial support today can enroll a young activist who cannot afford attending camp on their own. For one new pro-life warrior, $450 provides everything to complete the training -- food, housing, curriculum, experienced leadership -- it’s all provided.

We pray that you find it in your heart to help us prepare one young person for a future of pro-life advocacy.

Of course, any amount that you feel comfortable providing will be put to work. It only takes a few smaller donations to total a full sponsorship.

Many of our young attendees are intent on devoting their summers to pro-life activities. We hope to aggressively expand our Survivors training camp schedule this year to take advantage of their availability.

So please, do not set this aside. Should you decide to donate, we ask that you do so without delay. And never forget, more babies die every day, which makes the cost of delay intolerable.

Thank you for any support that you can provide and God bless you for believing that abortion remains the most heinous of sins and cannot be tolerated in our America.

One final thought: We will be concentrating our efforts on closing Planned Parenthood clinics for a few reasons that may not be obvious. Every time a PP clinic is shut down due to our efforts, others take notice. That would not be the case if we targeted an unknown local clinic.

Additionally, every time a PP clinic is closed because it can no longer remain profitable, the duplicity of the Planned Parenthood lie is exposed. They are not in business to provide a community health service, they’re in the business of making profit from killing babies. Nothing makes that more obvious than when they close a clinic because it no longer turns a profit. Help us expose these people and their lies for what they really are!

Please help us train these willing young people
to be the core of our 2017 Pro-Life Campaign!

Your contribution today will help put young, pro-life warriors on the streets fighting to save the babies and to end abortion in America!

This summer, we will deploy as many fully prepared pro-life warriors as we can train to carry your’s and our message of life to the streets. This campaign will focus on Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide in an effort to close as many clinics as possible by end of the year! Your generous financial support today will make it all possible!

These are the young people I want standing strong and fighting to end abortion in America. Here’s my contribution in full support of Surivors’ 2017 Pro-Life Warrior Training and Advocacy Program

$5,000 | $2,500 | $1,000 | $450

$200 | $100 | $75 | $50

$35 | $25 | Other

(Remember: Survivors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your donation IS tax-deductible.)

Donald Trump is listening!

This was written by my friend and fellow pro-life warrior evangelist Alveda King the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King. 


"I direct the Secretary of State..." 

Much is being said about the pro-life efforts of President Trump.  I am Thankful Alveda has taken the time to highlight for us just how much President Trump has done for the pro-life cause.  

Finally our tax dollars are being redirected from death care to health care. President Trump's "Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance" policy is simply amazing. Friends, he's not robbing the poor, he's saving lives. Remember, abortion is not health care. Abortions kill babies and sometimes mothers. Abortion is a violent and deceptive act, I know, I survived two abortions and a miscarriage, my babies didn't. #HowCanTheDreamSurviveAbortion 

With his New Mexico City Policy, our new POTUS Administration is now multiplying the life saving impact well beyond the Department of State. 

What's new? Well along with the $600 million in taxpayer funding saved under the authority of the New Mexico City pro-life rule, $8.8 billion from the Departments of State, Health and Human Services, and Defense are being redirected for life. That's almost 15 times more money flowing through the abortion ban than previous policies; yes cutting deaths by abortion while saving lives. 

In a nutshell, here's what POTUS is doing: "I direct the Secretary of State, in coordination with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, to the extent allowable by law, to implement a plan to extend the requirements of the reinstated memorandum to global health assistance furnished by all departments or agencies..." President Trump directed. 

"I further direct the Secretary of State to take all necessary actions, to the extent permitted by law, to ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars do not fund organizations or programs that support or participate in the management of a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization."

As one White House official told The Brody File, "The pro-life policy will apply to global health assistance funding for international health programs, such as those for HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, malaria, global health security, and family planning and reproductive health." 

Many people already know and understand that the inclusion of the DOD is probably the single greatest change, since the order affects all global health assistance funding -- not just "family planning" dollars. Super life saving, money redirecting impact. More funds are now available for improving our quality of life. America Return to God!

Now, along with thousands and maybe millions of unborn lives; not to mention healing women and mothers, this policy will help heal America. Keep praying friends. President Donald Trump is listening to 83 percent of Americans who asked him to end taxpayer funding of overseas abortion groups. I'm in that number. Are you? Pray about it!

If you succumb to the temptation of using violence in the struggle, unborn generations will be the recipients of a long and desolate night of bitterness, and your chief legacy to the future will be an endless reign of meaningless chaos.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Urgent Message from Survivors Founder Jeff White: Planned Parenthood Won, We Are Being Evicted...

    Urgent Message from Survivors Founder Jeff White: Planned Parenthood Won, We Are Being Evicted...

    Dear Friend,

              This past Wednesday our landlord, at the request of Planned Parenthood, successfully evicted us for being a nuisance!

              That judge even acknowledged that being a nuisance was our job as he ordered us out by February 28th.  But the judge ignored the fact that our activity was 1st amendment activity and therefore lawfully not allowed to constitute a nuisance for commercial purposes.

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    "They may have won the battle but they're not going to win the war. Not this year, not this century, and not in eternity. The Survivors will fight on. We will go to a completely mobile protest center if we need to, but one way or another we will continue to confront Planned Parenthood and will not rest until they are gone. Keep us in your prayers as we begin forming our new strategy." - Jeff White, Founder.