No To Obamacare -- Because Killing Is Not Healthcare

Take a brief time-out from the rush of the day.  Are you willing to pay into a system that purchases murder?

Obamacare was set to go into effect October 1.

There are three ways it mandates your participation in aborting American children, and it’s thorough.

1)   You pay taxes.  Who doesn’t?  Income, sales, property.  If you pay, you pay into child killing because –

                              a.     A portion of those taxes will be given to those who cannot  purchase healthcare.  If they choose or are given a federally-subsidized healthcare plan covering abortion, you pay for that abortion.

2)   You receive insurance from an employer, which they choose.

                      a. You have the choice to take this plan from your employer.  But it will include what most plans include now: coverage of class A (World Health Organization classified) carcinogens, cancer-causing, abortion inducing “contraception” – and elective abortion.

                      b. You can’t opt out.  Unless your employer switches to plan that refuses abortions (possibly disallowed by federal gov’t); or you refuse to take your employer’s health insurance.

3)   You receive insurance through your state exchange (and are 1 of 27 states, including CA, that have not banned abortion coverage on that exchange).

                     a. Most exchange plans will cover elective abortion.  All plans will cover abortifacient drugs, which are also cancer-causing, health-wrecking chemicals.

                      b.    Selecting a plan with abortion in it will mean you pay a second fee each month on top of your premium – JUST FOR ABORTION.

                      c.     You can’t opt out.  Unless you switch to a new insurance plan that does not cover abortion – and Obamacare mandates you will not be allowed to know how much this abortion fee is.

In sum, you pay for abortion.  If you don’t want to, they won’t tell you if you are, or how much you’re paying for aborting children each month.

How are you funding abortion?  How about … how are you not funding abortions?  Because under Obamacare, it is harder to tell where you are participating in the deaths of American children, than where you’re not.

We will not comply.  "To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical,” said Thomas Jefferson.

What of forcing a man or woman to fund – not just the propagation of an idea – but the actual and inexcusable act of murder?

These are the facts.  Our tax dollars already sneak into Planned Parenthood’s bloody bank accounts.  Obamacare does more – it stamps  DEATH on our healthcare checks, and wipes out the rationale for even using the word “health” in our insurance plans.

At Survivors, we call on you to take this information to your community.  Take it, show it, and stand up for the little ones, and for the mothers.  A government that tells women abortion is health is the same as a man who tells a girl rape is love

You can sign the pledge to refuse to choose death-care HERE: Pro-Life Pledge in Defiance of Abortion Mandate

You can find an info-graphic with the same facts above HERE (print, email, share!).

Obamacare was set to hit the ground, and our paychecks, during Respect Life Month.  Let’s make our major act to respect life in October a resounding defiance of this injustice.

NO abortion mandate!  Because killing is not healthcare.