Respect Life? Act Like It! Opportunities Abound

Check out the long list of opportunities to make your pro-life commitment a verb : act it! Pro-life action saves lives, changes hearts, and transforms our culture into a Culture of Life from the foundation -- the right to life of our pre born brothers and sisters -- to the roof -- our own self-respect, care of the poor, dedication to peace.

Let's start out at the base, and same some life! We're survivors of the holocaust of abortion, and we do not want the next generation to suffer the same violence we have. 

Survivors Fall Campus Outreach -- August 2013 to December 2013  -- Invite Survivors to your school to your youth group, to your church!  Get a crash course in life-saving outreach, get educated to the facts about abortion, the ways you  can be an effective organizer and activist for the preborn in your community, and inspire others to do the same. You can also join the Team  when you check out our schedule any time during the week on a school campus near you!   

Hannah, Survivor, last year's Day of Silent Solidarity

Hannah, Survivor, last year's Day of Silent Solidarity

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity -- October 15 2013 --   Lose your voice for one day in solidarity with the 3,500 babies that day who have no voice, no choice, and are murdered by legalized abortion in our nation!  It's a great chance to show people how abortion affects us.  It saves lives every year, when women considering abortion ask about why you're silent, or take your info card. Check out the website for more info, and commit!

40 Days For Life -- October - November 2013-- Witness to the priceless value of the children butchered in an abortuary near you. 40 Days volunteers commit to an hour at a time of peaceful prayer in front of their local abortion clinic. This action of acknowledging the horror of abortion has saved thousands of lives, and almost 200 already this campaign. Commit. Your life will change. And you may very well come home having shaken the hand of, or embraced, a woman who only needed to see someone, to see you  as her sign to defy the "choice" to kill. Use the link above, find your local campaign, sign up!

Defy the Abortion Mandate -- October -- Obamacare went into effect this month.  It requires you  pay for elective abortions.  Check out Survivors commitment to our nations women and children: We Will Not Comply. Get informed by reading the informational blog post here.  Share the info-graphic showing exactly how your money goes to fund child-killing.