From the Trenches: "I was disappointed...I kinda wanted to adopt ten children."

by Mary Rose, Assistant Campus Outreach Director


Sometimes, you just have to laugh at those who support abortion.  We all know that they rely on emotion and deceit to defend their position, and sometimes their reasons are so ludicrous, one can’t help but laugh.

    At a campus a few days ago, Kristina and I walked through a crowd of pro-abortion protesters after hours of conversation with them.  They had had no rational defense of killing late-term babies - which was why they had gathered in the first place.  Their gathering was organized to rally against a ban on abortions after twenty weeks.  These people had come because they believed that abortion was right, but when we asked them to define what an abortion is and what is removed from a woman’s uterus during an abortion, they had had no answer for us at all.  

    But they weren’t silent.  On the contrary, they had a million silly things to say, for example, “A baby’s not a baby ‘til it comes out, that’s what birthdays are all about.”  Doesn’t the logic overpower you?  Didn’t you slap your forehead and say, “My heavens!
I’ve been wrong all these years! Of course baby’s not a baby ‘til it comes out - because the birth canal is magic!” Didn’t you say that?  Me neither.  I laughed.

    A woman approached Kristina and me as we walked through the pro-abortion throng.  She oozed self-righteousness and her voice dripped with condescension as she asked, “Excuse me, ladies, have you adopted any children?”

I told her that my family had signed up with the foster care system but that it’s actually hard to find children available for adoption.  She finished triumphantly: “So you haven’t adopted any?!”  

Again, earnestly and politely, I told her that it’s hard to find children available to adopt - especially babies.  “Oh really,” she said, “I know of ten children right now who need homes.”

Quite frankly, I didn’t believe a word of it.  But what if it was true?  What if there were ten children who needed homes?  “I’ll find them homes or take them myself,” I told her, quite seriously.  She stuttered ever so slightly as she turned. “Oh, well then will you give me your contact information?”  She pulled out a notepad.  

“Of course," I answered, "Let me give you my email address.”  

“Oh, I don’t have a pen. Let me go find one.”  

She left to go get a pen and never came back.  For some reason she was unable to find a pen -- on a college campus.  

Hers was just another of the endless, irrational, pointless, “arguments” for abortion.  When I realized she wasn’t coming back, I laughed -- but I was also a little disappointed.  I kind of wanted to adopt ten children.