Meet Curtis Boyd: "Am I Killing? Yes, I Am." (2)

By Ashley Baldwin, Communications Coordinator 

(Part Two)

“Am I killing?  Yes, I am.  I know that.”

At age 76, Curtis Boyd, infamous late-term abortionist, has performed thousands of abortions on viable babies.  Ironically, Boyd was raised in a Christian home in Texas, and later in life became an ordained Baptist minister.  Wiith complete disregard to God’s commandments, Boyd left the church and opened up a back alley abortion clinic in Athens, Texas.


Before Roe V. Wade in 1973, the Supreme Court Decision that decriminalized abortion in the United States, Boyd was aborting children by the hundreds.  Though illegal, Boyd felt that performing abortions was more important than abiding by the law of the land.  When word got out about his chop shop, he was forced out of Athens and reopened in Dallas, where he continued to rally support for “abortion rights”.

Boyd says, “In those days, the big fear was someone would either file charges against me or I would have some major complication or patient death.  I knew that every patient I saw had the potential to not only take my medical license, but to put me in prison.”

After Roe v. Wade passed, Boyd scurried to open the very first abortion clinic, Fairmont, in Dallas Texas, and went on to open Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center in the same city. He almost immediately found a way to open a sister abortion clinic, Southwestern Women’s Options, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Boyd was a founding member of the National Abortion Federation, an association of abortion clinics that has become infamous for having filthy conditions, botched abortions, patient deaths, among many other violations.

The tools of death -- operating room of late-term abortuary owned by Boyd

The tools of death -- operating room of late-term abortuary owned by Boyd

He has become known in the medical community for his invention of new second-trimester abortion techniques.  In the past, Boyd even experimented on his patients  to develop pain management protocols and discover “new ways to reduce the risks” of abortion surgeries.  Imagine the pain and horror.

Boyd works closely with organizations like “Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice”, an organization composed of so-called Catholic priests and so-called Protestant pastors who meet with abortion-minded women, to give them “counseling” to “bless their decision to abort”.

“Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that.”

Boyd says that he “prays” for his abortion victims.  “I’ll ask that the spirit of this pregnancy returns to God with love and with understanding.”

My stomach turns at the reality of viable babies being killed and the sickening idea of mothers being led to believe that God is blessing their decision.  But that is why Survivors hits ABQ Aug 2-10 with an all-city public awareness campaign: to expose this travesty.  Deception cannot survive in the light. Join us August 2, with the national prolife community, including Live Action, Created Equal, Students For Life and Operation Rescue.

God does not bless killing.  The deception ends, beginning with you, beginning now.  You do not want to miss this opportunity to end the late-term killing of these babies!

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