Abortion is a Life Matter: Let's Talk About It -- Er, Wait, No, Don't

by C.J. Williams, Social Media Coordinator

#AbortionMatters apparently cover a lot more than so-called reproductive health.  Abortion matters cover First Amendment rights, too, if we’re to take anything away from the recent proposal  (see Albuquerque Journal’s skewed write-up here)  in Bernalillo County to ban free speech in neighborhoods after Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust and Project Defending Life picketed ABQ abortionist, Dr. Leeman’s, sidewalk.  In fact, #AbortionMatters so much in this case, it absolutely covers these young people’s right to express themselves, or more importantly, express Dr. Leeman – since he won’t put the product of his business out for all to see.

So young people with signs, and loud voices, speaking for babies and women butchered by the dangerous late-term procedure permitted by New Mexico’s unregulated abortion business, should not have the right to … speak?  Because abortion matters.

Citizens of Bernalillo County should not be permitted to highlight injustice publicly because … abortion matters.

First Amendment rights come second to … abortion matters.

So following the Leeman-picket, this is an abortion matter.  Or is it?

Abortionists do something ineffably ugly. They surgically dismember, mutilate, murder very small children, poking sharp instruments blindly into women’s insides, where they hack away to make sure no piece of the baby goes uncaught or uncut.  Often, babies are born not dead -- but crying, reaching, alive.  Abortionists hack them up again to stop this unacceptable behavior.  This is especially common in NM, where late-term abortion is the catchword, and abortions “fail” over 13% of the time, resulting in live births, and second murder attempts.

More than 400 women documented have died due to massive hemorrhaging, perforated wombs, or torn bowels, just hours after their shredded children.

Abortion matters?


So let’s not talk about it, shall we?  In fact, let’s OUTLAW talking about it.  Abortion matters so much, we’ve got to protect people from really knowing what it is.

Abortion matters so much, it’s more important than 3,500 children’s lives a day.  It matters more than our women’s health.  It matters more than the excruciating pain experienced by by 20+ week old infants shot with heart stopping drugs in ABQ’s SouthWestern Women’s Options abortuary and University of New Mexico Hospital before being delivered dead or dying into toilets.

Hey, abortion (really) matters.

           So shut up about it.

If Abortion matters this much, Dr. Leeman should be posting his own pickets on his front lawn, advertising.  After all, that’s all these young activists were doing – free advertising.

And if this isn’t what Leeman does, shouldn’t the abortionist be filing suit for slander, not asking the county to restrict the American people’s natural right to free speech?

Abortion is a life matter.  And we can never be silent about the taking of human life.



[Join Survivors now in 2 Weeks For Truth!. Check out the previous blog post for tips on exactly how you can take action , on Facebook, Twitter, and in your community, to show why #AbortionMatters. ]