#AbortionMatters: Two Weeks For Truth!

TWO WEEKS FOR TRUTH Challenge -- 21 August - 5 September

by C.J. Williams, Social Media Coordinator


        YES, #AbortionMatters.

31 Days of Unity, sponsored by multiple abortion-rights organizations, wants August to look like a 31 Day smiley-face band-aid plastered over the gaping wound of legalized abortion in the U.S. 

The event calls on pro-aborts to respond "directly to the recent wave of extreme attacks on reproductive health care in states like Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Kansas, and Mississippi"; and claims it will  "shed light on the very real need for elected officials to take affirmative action to ensure reproductive rights are treated as fundamental human rights." More fundamental than the right to life? On top of that, The Feminist Majority Foundation, on campuses across the country is putting on a tweetfest and blog carnival under the hash "#AbortionMatters".

There are a lot of abortion matters. Abortion DOES matter.

In fact, the matters related to abortion include infertility, breast cancer (see link), depression, PTSD, and outright death (remember Tonya Reaves and Jennifer Morbelli).

 It is time to take affirmative action -- life affirming action.

Abortion matters because it kills 3,500 American children a day on top of demeaning and mutilating American women.

Let's start a list (it could go on and on):

  • abortion matters because it lies to women, and claims being an object, and killing a kid, is the only way to freedom or equality
  • abortion matters because it kills our children, siblings, nieces, nephews, grandchildren
  • abortion matters because it's big business -- big business at billions of dollars per year for Planned Parenthood and FPA (see P.P.'s annual financial report here) )
  • abortion matters because it is based on racist and eugenicist principles, and targets the disabled, the poor, the racial minorities in discrimination that would be getting howls if it showed up on a campus or in other medical procedures

...need more?

#Abortion does matter. Because #LifeMatters.

And murder should be highlighted. Abuse only survives in the dark.

But it should not be celebrated. It should not be plastered over with smiley-bandaids, it should not be promoted.

So at Survivors, we're taking the last two weeks of August for some TRUTH in advertising: #AbortionMatters. #AbortionKills. #AbortionSucks.

Only 2/3 of my generation survived this holocaust, and that REALLY matters.

In unity, I want you to join me in painting this picture clear: Abortion is not about reproductive freedom, and it is not about women, and it is not about equal rights. It is life and death for our fellow Americans.

So I challenge you to use the list below: show how abortion truly matters. 

Use as your profile pic on FB or Twitter the next 2 weeks!

Use as your profile pic on FB or Twitter the next 2 weeks!

  • Post daily on your FB facts about what abortion REALLY does (see diagrams, statistics HERE and HERE ); or use the reasons why “abortion matters” listed above!
  • Take literature and signs down to the beach, or your local school, or public park for an EXPOSE THE TRUTH afternoon. Use signs with #AbortionMatters
  • Check daily on Survivors blog for activism opportunities, graphics to share, and reports of what YOUR peers have been up to to expose the abortion industry!
  • Join the #LifeMatters Tweet and BlogFest, sponsored by Life Matters Journal -- you can find the great event HERE on Facebook!  Flood Twitter and your personal blog with the grisly truth: #AbortionKills.
  • Change your profile picture to  our #AbortionMatters Survivors graphic on the right!  

I'll be keeping up with the Outreach Team as they take #AbortionMatters to the streets as well. Check back regularly to get updates!