FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rebuffed by docents, Survivors return to demand inclusive display at New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum

Shocking show of intolerance by New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum!


ABQ, NM – 9 Aug 2013 – Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust descend at 2:00 p.m. on New Mexico’s Holocaust Museum to demand formal response to their request yesterday of inclusive panel, memorialising the holocaust victims of ABQ’s participation in America’s Abortion Holocaust. “The parallels are clear,” says Jeff White, Survivors Founder, “Children die every day in the U.S. because they are handicapped, unwanted, or of another race – abortion targets the “undesirables,” just like Hitler did.”

Yesterday, 30 Survivors were turned away by docents, shying from “hot button issues”. They claimed the current genocide in the United States was not “historical” enough, an obvious brush-off.   Late-term abortion is Albuquerque’s own genocide.

Docents were asked if the museum has a policy of only sticking to historical or a-political examples of intolerance -- their response: “Yes.” This has not kept their panels from delving into the political aspects of the Nazi party, slavery and racism -- an obvious hot-button issue of today -- and oppression of Native Americans. In light of this, Survivors can only say: the museum clearly has an intolerance for speaking the truth consistently.

“We will ask until we speak with the Board of Directors,” says Kristina Garza, Outreach Director with Survivors, “We are waiting on their final decision, and until they display Albuquerque’s own holocaust we will have our own display in front of the museum.”

“To deny to a group of Survivors that abortion in the United States is a holocaust is insulting and demeaning.  Abortion, by the museum’s own definition, is genocide, claiming 5 times the number of lives in the United States as the entire Jewish Holocaust.   People choose abortion because babies are diagnosed with fetal abnormalities, handicaps, or because they are a certain race or gender. Abortion is the systematic extermination of infants, justified by the fact that they are younger and less developed than the rest of the population.”


“The Museum’s insensitivity to our request to work with them in designing a panel to show Albuquerque’s own genocide is, in itself, a display of intolerance.”  --Jeff White