ACTION ALERT: Planned Parenthood = Abortion. No Matter What

EXPOSE Planned Parenthood!

Here at Survivors, we can safely say, we're not just survivors of abortion -- we're survivors of Planned Parenthood.

The abortion's giant's tag-line? "Care. No Matter What." How about truth in advertising?

"Abortion. No Matter What."

Planned Parenthood targets our youth; it creates a lifelong customer; and it sells one thing: abortion. 

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, September 18, as we partner with Students For Life in the Planned Parenthood Project! 

Our generation is anti-abortion. Every poll taken has confirmed this fact. We are pro-life. 

But do our peers know what Planned Parenthood is? 

Show Planned Parenthood for what it is: it doesn't care about its clientele -- just the price-tag. From SFLA's research, each one of our bodies is worth a hefty $451 to P.P.  

 Their biggest pay-out is abortion , and 92% of their profit comes from abortion services. For every 1 adoption referral they make, they commit 145 abortions. 

Join the Facebook event here and now!

Find sample tweets here or use the examples below: 

• Planned Parenthood: Abortion. No matter what. #PPProject

• Planned Parenthood has plans for you. #PPProject

• 92% of Planned Parenthood’s services is abortion. #AbortionNoMatterWhat #PPProject

Check out SFLA's groundbreaking video, and share it with your friends!  Planned Parenthood is About Abortion -- No Matter What.

This is a project we, as Survivors, seriously want to support and participate in.  So tweet, facebook, and write up these facts, and share the video

e've survived Planned Parenthood.  Do we want it preying on our children?