Mexico's Champion for the Preborn

"Each day we share the Gospel of Life with more than 70 women.  From among them, 50 change their mind about abortion. And the other 20 who do not, should not be seen as a failure.  While we know that they will have abortions and suffer, we have shared Christ with them, and are praying for them.  Surely the mercy of God will reach their hearts." Jorge Serrano Limon

Since 2003, Jorge Serrano Limon and his family have suffered threats, slander, and persecutions.  He was arrested and served jail time for praying in the streets.  His wife has been insulted publicly, his children unjustly discriminated against, his personal assets compromised, his name dishonored.  

Here is a man who has boldly put his faith into action, at great personal expense.  He has heard the cries of injustice, and without hesitation, ran toward them.  Come meet this present-day pro-life hero at the International ProLife Youth Conference! 

 Jorge has been fighting abortion ardently for decades.  In 1986, he became the director of the largest pro-life organization in Mexico,Comite Pro Vida (National Pro-Life Committee), an organization founded in 1978 as a response to an initiative by the Mexican Communist Party to legalize abortion on a national level.  He also founded Centros de Ayuda Para la Mujer (Women's Help Centers) known by the acronym, CAM, Mexico's first pregnancy help centers.

In 2007, the pro-life world sadly witnessed Mexico City legalize abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  Thankfully, CAM had already established pregnancy help centers in almost every major city in Mexico, resulting in thousands of babies saved each year.  In response to the demand created by the new abortion law, Jorge and CAM bolstered their life-rescuing efforts, adding sidewalk counseling and mobile units with ultrasound machines and internet outreach.

But, as one can observe in a recent documentary by Human Life International "Central America and Mexico: Fighting for Life, Faith, and Family," sidewalk counseling in Mexico City can be a lot more challenging to execute than in American cities.

In Mexico City, abortions are done for free in 17 government-sponsored abortion facilities or hospitals, making it difficult to know who is arriving for an abortion appointment.  So sidewalk counselors set up mobile units and counseling and information booths at 4:00 a.m., outside of the hospital, to draw abortion-bound moms to the lifesaving help they offer.  Once inside the spacious mobile units, moms receive counseling, education on abortion and its consequences, see their child via ultrasound, and arrange for aid for their practical needs.

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Since its founding 25 years ago, CAM has saved over 200,000 preborn children from abortion and established 87 pregnancy centers in 14 countries including Spain and the U.S.A.

For all his courageous, sacrificial efforts for the preborn, Jorge has been viciously attacked for years by pro-abortion groups.  At the end of a trial in 2012, where he had been wrongly accused of misappropriation of funds for ultrasound machines, he was found innocent of all charges.  The seemingly never-ending legal battles have been a heavy burden on Jorge, his family, and colleagues.  But Jorge offered these great words of wisdom in an interview with LifeSiteNews

"We must not forget that these attacks made on my person were not against me, but against the marvelous work of Christ, which are the Women's Help Centers and the strategies of rescuing lives from abortion."

Come hear from Mexico's champion of the preborn at the International ProLife Youth Conference!  Come learn from this faithful, loving warrior, who during his trial, wrote these words of encouragement in a heartfelt letter to the CAM affiliates:

"[My wife] Magda and I have a wonderful peace that comes from Christ.  He has filled us with his joy and most of all we have been able to forgive our enemies, praying to God for them so that He will bless them abundantly and we will continue to pray for them.  God grant that our enemies, all of you, my family, Magda and myself will all be together in Heaven."