Slapping the Pro-Abortion Lobby in the Face with the Truth

He’s an adoptive father, a creative genius, and a fearless advocate for the unborn. Ryan Scott Bomberger was conceived after his biological mother was brutally raped, but she made a sacrificial choice and placed him for adoption. He was raised with 14 siblings by loving parents who blessed him with a solid Christian upbringing. Now his own adoption stories fuel his passion to end abortion in our nation.

"I will be respectful but unapologetically straight to the point. I've been so since birth. As a passionate person who's never content to sit idly by, it's how I'm wired." Ryan tells youth across the nation. "We are all created with purpose." 

Ryan encourages youth to use every creative method possible to call attention to the dignity of each human person.

Ryan used his creativity to make videos that caused a media firestorm when the NAACP sued him for copyright infringement ... just for telling the truth. Hell Breaks Loose, Ryan assures us, when we speak truth.  

Ryan is revolutionizing the pro-life movement by using creative design to slap the pro-abortion lobby and media in the face with the truth.

Are you ready for hell to break loose? 

Meet Ryan at at the International ProLife Youth Conference and hear about his latest creative project. You, too, can be a creative revolutionary exposing the ugly truth behind the abortion industry!