"Bryan Kemper, we were not supposed to block the doors"


"Jeff!!!  One of our people just got arrested!"  

In the days of Operation Rescue, arrests were not that unusual, but this day was supposed to be different.  Blocking doors of killing centers was not the plan that day.  It was supposed to be a time of prayer and everybody was supposed to know:  No arrests!

My friend, Elisa, had arrived late and didn't tell first-time rescuer, Bryan Kemper, we were not supposed to block the doors.  So here she was, asking me to help get him "unarrested."

I walked to the paddy wagon and she points at a kid -- tattoos everywhere, a mohawk that looked like a sunburst, and more metal on his body than a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

I looked at her and said, "Really?"

She said, "Yes," so I went over to the captain from LAPD who I had promised there would be no arrests from our side that day.  There were a few "pro-aborts" who had been arrested for disorderly conduct in the same van. 

I said, "Hey Captain, seems you have one of mine in your paddy wagon."  

He said he didn't think so, he was pretty sure about the motley crew in custody.  

I walked to the paddy wagon and pointed at Bryan Kemper.  The Captain just looked and me with doubt written all over his face.  "Him?" the captain asked.  I laughed and assured him he was one of us.  In a few minutes, Bryan Kemper was out of the paddy wagon.

Standing before me  was just about the craziest looking kid I had ever met.  Who would have guessed that soon he would be living at my house as one of the first pro-life missionaries on my staff?

After getting to know Bryan, I found that despite the troubled life he had endured and drugs he had consumed, God had rescued him and poured His Holy Spirit into him, and given him a passion for life.

One day, Bryan came to me and asked if he could start an organization under mine.  He enthusiastically shared the vision for the group he did indeed start -- Rock For Life.

Bryan grew Rock For Life into a national organization and Rock for Life continues on to this day, but Bryan has continued to grow and expand his vision.  He later founded StandTrue ProLife Ministries and is still the executive director of that organization, as well as the director of youth ministry for Priests for Life.

Bryan is now a highly sought-after pro-life speaker.  He has spoken to youth  all aroundthe globe.  He has overcome the obstacles of his personal life and demonstrates just how much one person can do with training and vision. 

Don't miss Bryan's talk and remember to clap if he mentions my name!    

Register here to meet Bryan and hear how he's running toward the cries of injustice.  You could be the next crazy kid to turn the pro-life movement upside down.