Don't get into a "Name That Tune" contest with Rev. Patrick Mahoney

"Prodigal Son - Rolling Stones."

"Shake it Off - Taylor Swift."

"Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen."

A word to the wise: don't get into a Name That Tune contest with Rev. Patrick Mahoney.  

Too many have been fooled by this King-quoting, cross-toting Presbyterian minister, and they've paid the price. Within minutes of turning on the radio, challengers sink back into their seats as the Reverend quickly nails every song and artist.  It doesn't matter if the song is from the 1960s or the 1990s or on the Billboard Hot 100 - Pat Mahoney is the undisputed pop music king. 

Some of his encyclopedic knowledge can be linked to his days working with rock bands as a teenager in New England and he certainly picked up plenty as a radio host in Florida years ago, but Rev. Mahoney now keeps his fingers on the pulse of American music during his regular commute into Washington, D.C. from his Virginia home.  

On any given day, Rev. Mahoney can be found in Washington leading prayer vigils for imprisoned Christians such as Pastor Saeed, guiding a camel through the streets as part of an annual living nativity, standing in solidarity with the persecuted women of Iraq, getting arrested for praying and sidewalk chalking, or holding a press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court. 

He effectively utilizes the power of the media to draw attention to crucial issues, including the recent case involving Justina Pelletier in Massachusetts. From CNN to the Washington Post, Rev. Mahoney was seen on smartphones nationwide as he advocated for the return of the young girl back to her family.  When Justina returned home this summer, Pat was an honored guest at her homecoming celebration.   

This energetic activist doesn't just talk the talk.  Pat Mahoney is internationally known for his unwavering advocacy for preborn babies and their mothers, and he inspires the next generation of pro-life advocates with his bold action. 

He has been arrested in Tiananmen Square in China and walked the 100-mile road from Belfast to Dublin in Ireland proclaiming as always: "God is good! Christ is King! On with the revolution!"

Pat has flown to California for every Survivors ProLife Training Camp since the 1990s to lead the young people in peaceful, prayerful, and prophetic activism.  He introduces himself as "Reverend Patrick Mahoney with the Christian Defense Coalition", but every one of the youth attending Survivors camps and events quickly learn he's simply "Pat" to the Survivors.  

They also learn Pat doesn't really need a megaphone to be heard.  They learn that he's from the Jersey Shore and proud of it.They learn these important facts during lessons about integrity in ministry, the preeminence of the gospel, loving your enemies, and that strategies can change while principles remain the same. 

When nearly every status update on Facebook ends with "It's time to join the revolution baby!", it's not hard to see why "the Reverend" is a fixture at events like the International ProLife Youth Conference.