This is what you would hear...

... if you spent a day with us.  

School has begun, so the new Campus Outreach Team hit the scorching California pavement.  They had dozens of conversations.  Here are just a few.

The heat bore down on me as I distributed flyers to passing students. A student stopped. “What about the case of rape?” I responded promptly, “I don’t believe a person should be punished for something their father did.” The girl smiled. “Good, because I was conceived in rape.” I stood there completely shocked; the hypothetical person that so many pro-aborts love to bring up as a justification for abortion was standing before me. This girl, who many advocate to abort, was spared death. She was born at just 23 weeks and was confused why anyone would consider her less valuable because of who her dad was or what he did. She stayed until she had to leave for class. I reassured that her life is precious and valuable. She thanked me, took a flyer, and went on her way.  - Sam


“Okay, well, what about the health of the mother? What if the mother will die unless she has an abortion?"

I’d handed him a pamphlet and he said, “I'm pro-choice,” and kept walking, but I called out to him asking if he had time to talk about it. He turned, thought for a moment, and walked back to me. “Why are you pro-choice?” I asked. He listed the usual reasons - rape, the child's not going to have a good life, and so on. In each case, I showed him that abortion is not the right thing.

"Okay, well, what about the health of the mother? What if the mother will die unless she has an abortion?"  I told him that in cases where the mother’s life is in danger, the doctor should treat the doctor and the mother as two patients and that abortion is not a life-saving treatment. I asked him to find a case where an abortion saved a mother’s life. "Okay, I'll look it up now on my phone."  He couldn’t find any. He thanked me at the end of our conversation, "I've learned a lot." He was very surprised that we not only care about babies’ health, but also mothers’.  He left a changed man.  - Bobby


"What would you say to a girl who was raped and was planning on having an abortion. Because that was me - and I had the abortion."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I gasped, and froze.

The two girls and I had been talking for at least five minutes. They had approached the images of abortion victims incredulously and demanded an explanation. Why would I show them such horrible pictures? Didn't I know it was a woman's choice? I responded defensively. I answered their questions and we grew more cordial, but I was not ready for the girl's testimony. After she told me the circumstances of the assault, I asked her, "Did the abortion help you heal from the rape?" "You know, I never think of the rape itself anymore, but I think of this everyday," she gestured at the picture of the aborted child.

"Then I would tell that girl considering abortion just that, that abortion wouldn't help her heal from the rape." She and the other girl, her sister, nodded. They talked with me for at least another 30 minutes, telling me the details of the decision to abort the baby, arriving at the Planned Parenthood, and sitting in the waiting room. The day the baby was killed was burned in their memories - forever. They shook my hand warmly when they left and assured me that I had changed their minds about abortion. They wished they had met me and learned the facts about abortion sooner. Their final words were to beg me to take the team and the signs to their old high school, to reach those students before it was too late.  - Mary Rose


He smiled sweetly and took my pamphlet, and then turned, and walking backward while on his way to class, told me

“When I was a baby, the doctor told my mom that something was wrong with me. He said it was going to be a risky pregnancy. He wanted to perform an abortion right then. My mom ran out of the hospital and found a different doctor. That's why I don't support abortion.  Every time I hear abortion I think, I could be in that position,” and he pointed at a sign.  - Kristina