Survivors Invade College "Safe Spaces" With TRUTH!

          I remember the first time Kristina Garza, our then Campus Outreach Director,  said the words: "Students don't like to be confronted with ideas they disagree with today."
          I thought she was kidding.

          She assured me she wasn't.  It was my first introduction to the ideal of college campuses as "safe spaces" for students.

          I thought then, and I believe now - that idea is ludicrous!

          Don't get me wrong - I don't think anyone should be unsafe on campus; if by that they mean safe from threatening words or actions.

          Violence and threats of violence have no place on campus - Period.

          If by safe space they mean safe from ideas and statements we find offensive, there is no right to be safe from that!!  That is directly contrary to what universities are all about. 

          The word "university" comes from the conjugation of unity in the diversity of contesting ideas.  In other words, universities are marketplaces of battling concepts in the search for truth.  Therefore, the ability to tolerate offense is central to the institution of the university. 

          I think Attorney Alan Dershowitz says it well:

          "They want complete control over their personal lives, over their sex lives, over the use of drugs, but they want mommy and daddy dean to please give them a safe place, to protect them from ideas that maybe are insensitive, maybe will make them think.   It is free speech for me, but not for thee.  Universities should not tolerate this kind of hypocrisy, double standard."

          A fog of fascism and hypocrisy has descended quickly over many American universities and the Survivors are going to unplug the fog machine!!!


          The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust are going to invade the college campus Safe Spaces and speak the truth about abortion and the inherent genocide, racism, rape culture, and sexual predator protection it engenders!

Like the old-school Space Invaders video game, the Survivors are going to descend on colleges and universities with line after line of truth!

          These are the Survivors Safe Space Invaders! 

          Let me be clear.

         The Survivors are not out to hurt feelings or be mean. 

          In fact, the exact opposite is true.  The Survivors believe in truth spoken in love no matter how difficult that truth is to hear! 

          The Survivors will engage in well-reasoned, fact-filled discussion.  

          The Survivors will say Black Lives Matter as they speak about the racist, genocidal practices of Planned Parenthood.

          The Survivors will speak with compassion to the victims of rape while encouraging them to keep their child and not allow that baby to die for the sins of his or her father.

          Regardless of the loving discourse . . . Regardless of the facts . . .Regardless of the respect the Survivors will show to those who disagree . . .One thing is very likely to happen . . .

         The Survivors will be attacked.  

         They will be called names and very possibly assaulted.

          Why?  Because the land of safe spaces is also the land of hypocrisy, threats, name calling and violence against those with whom you disagree!!! 

          College students today do not understand that free speech and the ability to tolerate offense are the hallmarks of a free and open society.

          The Survivors hope that if a student wants to ignore the horrific reality of abortion they will look away, or better yet, talk to the Survivors and tell them they are offended and why.  But demanding that someone stand down for expressing an opinion for which you disagree is patently illiberal.

Therefore the Survivors Safe Space Invaders are landing at universities beginning NOW!

          This bold aggression of love is launching now with truthful, respectful discourse, even if adversarial, and we expect to win the day!!  We know we will save lives, change hearts and minds and leave those who will listen with a new life-affirming perspective!  

          This is why the Survivors need your help today.  They are going to the colleges and universities and will endure ridicule to fight for truth against the culture of death, but they can't do it without your support.

          One of our Survivors team members works part time just to make ends meet for his family back home.  These are not overpaid employees, these are loving and sacrificing young people who want to save lives and make a difference.

          I hope you will give a very generous end-of-the-year gift so the Survivors can invade the Safe Spaces on our college campuses and make the womb once again the safe space it was meant to be!!

          Your gift to Survivors is tax-deductible so if you are searching for a worthy organization to make a special end-of-the-year donation to, I pray you will consider the Survivors.

          If you're like me and tax deductions at my income are not a major concern for you, I ask you to give sacrificially, for these young people sacrifice so much to do this work.

          We will be on the road week after week, sending these young people into battle for truth and justice, for the babies in the womb, and to protect the mothers and fathers from making the worst decision of their lives - to abort their own baby.


          Thank God for young men and women of God who are willing to suffer the things they will suffer for the sake of the babies and for their identification with Jesus Christ.  I know they count it all joy to suffer for His name's sake.

          And I ask you to give with an equally joyous heart and may God bless you for your generous sacrifice.  Please give the Survivors Safe Space Invaders the very best gift of enthusiastic support you can. Thank you in advance!

          In the hands of God, the only truly safe space ,

          Jeff White
          Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

P.S.  Today the college campus promotes "safe spaces" for their students to be protected from ideas they find troubling, but those same students and universities will deny unborn babies the God-given safe space in their mother's womb.  The Survivors are launching the Safe Space invasion to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves!  Please give the best gift you can today to launch the Survivors Safe Space Invaders!

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