2 Weeks for Truth: Nat'l ProLife Chalk Day -- Please, Do Try This At Home

by C.J. Williams, Social Media Director

Do you know what pro-aborts hate more than anything else?  Chalk. And tomorrow is National ProLife Chalk Day -- the perfect way to end 2 Weeks for Truth with BANG.

No, seriously -- it is ProLife Chalk Day September 5th; and chalk really is what abortion clinics and abortion workers hate like nothing else.

Why? Because chalking gets the truth out to your community; it slips under people’s defenses; and makes what what is done at abortion clinics -- killing children, abusing women -- extremely visible.

During Fall Outreach not long ago, Survivors set up to go caroling in front of an abortuary in Sacramento.  We do this annually—we sing hymns reflecting the blessing of life seen in Christ’s birth, and offer pregnancy resources and gifts to moms coming to these killing centers.

At 10:00 p.m., the night before a planned morning caroling event we hit the sidwalk in front of the clinic. We chalked it solid -- one solid block of why #AbortionMatters. We didn’t leave an inch without chalk.

Women deserve better than abortion.  Your baby’s heart is beating at 20 days.  Abortion kills. Abortion is murder; adoption is an option. Planned Parenthood makes $$$ off your dead child. Refuse to choose.  Abortion hurts women.  56 million children dead by abortion since 1973. 1/3 of my generation dead.  Abortion stops a beating heart.

When we came back in the morning –guess what?  The clinic had closed for the day.  We’d chalked them in with life, and they decided it just wasn’t worth trying to kill when the truth was so obviously exposed all over their front doorstep.

But the manager, in high-heels and mini-skirt, actually came out with broom and scrub-brush, and tried to clean the entire street off.

We made this an extreme chalking day – not something we always encourage, but it worked! We came back after breakfast, and re-chalked anywhere the clinic manager had managed to clean. We came back again in the evening -- after abortion workers had tried again to clean the prolife message away again; and at that point, they gave up.

They gave up – and gave up on killing that day.  Perhaps five, perhaps 20, perhaps 40 lives were saved.  We don’t know.  But one would have been worth it.

What did it take?  Chalk, and you know, a few hours of our day.

This is not only hugely effective, it’s fun. It’s not only fun, it reaches every layer of the public.  It not only speaks serious awareness into the community about the horror of abortion, it impacted the abortuary so deeply they shut down.

The impact, in sum, was lives saved.

During ProLife Boot Camp this year, I got the opportunity to take our 100 campers across Orange County in another sidewalk chalking strategy.

"Abortion Is Legal Up to the Day of Birth" -- Survivor only has one hand, but she makes it count with this message! 

"Abortion Is Legal Up to the Day of Birth" -- Survivor only has one hand, but she makes it count with this message! 

We called it Chalk ‘n’ Awe.

Please, do try this at home.

We hit Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport again, and Laguna Beach, with a brief stop-off at abortionist Dr. Agnew’s office just a bit inland in Newport, in a little over an hour.  With 100 young people, you can cover the whole sidewalk surface of a pier or public area in about 5 minutes.

We did.

The impact was immediate.  People stopped to look.  People who ignored literature offered previous days in our outreach events bent down to read the messages etched for life on the pavement.  People who ignore big signs, or even scoff at Die-Ins, paused to look up facts we’d chalked on their phones.

People stopped accepting abortion outright, and started asking questions.

Tomorrow is National ProLife Sidewalk Chalk Day.  It’s the end of our 2 Weeks for Truth Campaign to expose why #AbortionMatters.

ProLife Campers take the Newport Beach, CA Pier and make it one huge billboard for life! 

ProLife Campers take the Newport Beach, CA Pier and make it one huge billboard for life! 

Sidewalk chalk is one of the best tools in your activism toolbox – and you can pull it out almost any time, with a couple friends, with a huge group, with just one other person.

End this week on campus or off with bang! Chalk it up.  #AbortionMatters.  You can put your voice in chalk, and it gets under the radar. It’s legal.  It’s easy.  And you can make your voiceless preborn brothers and sisters heard.

And hey, it’s fun.

Here are some quick ideas for messages to chalk tomorrow, and some tips.

  • Keep it short.
  • Use concrete facts.
  • Chalk love. Abortion hurts baby, mom, and family.
  • Get some phone numbers of crisis pregnancy centers and memorize to chalk down as well.

Sample chalk messages:


#AbortionMatters, because it kills a baby and hurts a woman.

Your baby’s heart is beating at 21 days.

Your baby dreams.

1/3 of my generation died b/c of abortion.

3,500 babies die a day by abortion.

56 million dead since Roe v. Wade

Women deserve better than abortion.

Abortion – legal through all 9 months in U.S.

Abortion stops a beating heart.

Adoption is the loving option.


Pick up some chalk and give it a try!