BREAKING: Survivors Will Return To Albuquerque!


by C.J. Williams, Social Media Director 


Albuquerque knows AND cares!  

The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance  is on the November 19 ballotand Survivors is returning to Albuquerque to support the local awareness effort, and keep the children of our nation directly in front of the public eye!

Because abortion does not survive the limelight.

“Landslide for life?”  I wrote at the end of Survivors explosively successful public awareness campaign in Albuquerque, August 2-10.  Yes, and it’s just the beginning.

Little did I know it would be the beginning of a local and tenacious defense of human life, and the beginning of this whole new campaign by Survivors.

In August, we put the heinous late-term killings by Dr. Curtis Boyd and Shelly Sella in sharp relief.  We exposed Dr. Leeman’s (link to video) two-faced birthing center direction with abortion-on-the-side in a neighborhood picket which hit national news.  We showed the city the bloody, inconceivable butchery of its, and the nation’s, children hidden behind clean clinic doors.

“Will you go back?” asked the New York Times in a phone interview of our Outreach Director, Kristina Garza.

Kristina later reported to me that her answer had been, “Yes!  Of course – if we were asked.”

This week on Outreach, she received a telephone call from a man we met in Albuquerque.  He had been there on business, and encountered a display of Survivors activism on Lomas Ave., where Survivors’ youth and locals held shoulder-high signs depicting preborn abortion victims.

“Two days after I got back,” he told Kristina, “A young neighbor actually knocked on my door, and asked to borrow money -- for an abortion.  My mind flashed right back to those signs, to you guys, and I said, “God no.  Are you kidding?”  I really gave him a piece of my mind too.

“But you know what?  He must have listened.  Because he told his mom his girlfriend was pregnant, and he came back to apologize to me for asking for the money!  He said, he realized what it was -- and he wouldn’t be asking his girlfriend to kill their child.”

The man, we’ll call him P., ended the call thanking Kristina profusely, and Survivors. “Please,” he said, “Go back if you can.”

God had us there at exactly the moment that our witness could prepare him to defend his neighbor’s child, and the girl, from the horror of abortion.

Not only that, our public awareness campaign in New Mexico had reached Monterey Bay, CA, and saved a life.  Our witness in Albuquerque had exposed abortion and made an impact nationwide.

The pro-life community in Albuquerque has not stopped witnessing to the value of human life since we left.  But they are still embattled by the deception, and the cover-ups, of the abortion distortion -- of a nation that has accepted legalized child-killing for over 40 years.  And they still have an election to win for the preborn, and for their mothers, deceived and maimed by the like of Curtis Boyd.

So are the Survivors going back?

"If you did something today to shorten the abortion Holocaust for one day,” said Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, while we were in Albuquerque , “3,300 babies will be saved."

Don’t even ask!  The enthusiasm of our young people in August, and the excitement of our team, made Kristina text me that she thought she’d have to put the whole group on a leash, but she didn’t even think a chain would stop them from defending the preborn by the end of the 10 days.

It’s the same now.  We’re going back.  The November vote will be here in a blink, and this is an opportunity to expose abortion from conception to birth, and keep Albuquerque in the national eye.

Here we go! -- and “not even a chain” can hold us back!  Our momentum for justice has only picked up speed since August, and we're taking it to the finish line. Albuquerque's tenacious attempt to defend its preborn and its women has garnered a continuous buzz in the press.  Local is where the battle for life begins, and succeeds -- because it is where you make pro-life action a matter of public awareness and change.