Message From Our Founder: It has been 41 years since the infamous Roe vs. Wade

"There are nine days that the Survivors need to be all across the United States and I need your help to get the entire team, myself included, from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again!

"These nine days focus on the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision.  It has been 41 years since the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision unleashed abortion on demand in America.

"But the Survivors don’t go to walk or march, they go for one reason and one reason only . . .

           " . . . to pursue the next generation of pro-life leaders and activists!"

Read on for the full-message from our Founder!

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Jahi -- Girl in the Gap

Jahi -- Girl in the Gap

Jahi, 13 year old girl from Oakland, CA, has come to the fore in the media as the Children's Hospital threatens to pull vital nutrition and hydration care from her after a routine procedure left her comatose with little measurable brain function.

Her case illustrates exactly how important a strong consistent ethic for life is tantamount in our nation. Her parents are literally fighting for her life now.

What has organ donation, abortion, and euthanasia have to do with this? Read on for Catherine Ramey (M.div), incisive analysis of the story -- and find out what you can do to help this young girl live!

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#ABQ: Urgent Help Needed! Survivors Video Exposes Pro-Abort Sabotage and Lies

URGENT! Albuquerque's late-term abortion ban attacked by Planned Parenthood's 1 million dollar opposition, and sabotage by pro-aborts.

Survivors is in the trenches, and Kristina says -- we need boots on the ground! Canvas, get out the vote FOR the ban, reach the city with the truth about abortion. It is urgent!

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#ABQ -- REAL TIME!: "Vote FOR the Unborn Child Protection Ordinance!"

#ABQ -- REAL TIME!: "Vote FOR the Unborn Child Protection Ordinance!"

Media flood UNM. Check out a from-the-front-lines real-time photo journal of Survivors canvassing campus to get students to vote FOR the late-term abortion ban!

Students and pedestrians alike are APPALLED the abortion is legal up to birth in New Mexico!  But pro-aborts are trying to confuse the voting public with terms.

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#ABQ: Early Voting Cracks Records; Survivors Exposing Abortion Business in the Streets!

Survivors are in Albuquerque now, and early voting to ban abortion at and after 20 weeks has just broken records!

But Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have thrown a truckload of cash into making sure this life-protecting ordinance fails. Check out the update and join in the nation-wide social media event today, with the tag #ABQ4Life!

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Abortion Distortion: "Scarlet Rose Didn't Die"

Abortion Distortion: "Scarlet Rose Didn't Die"


It sounds like a blockbuster thriller, doesn't it? Some mindbending summer film. But it's not.   

It's the heartfelt grief of a post-abortive dad for his preborn daughter -- who is putting his grief to use in e exposing abortion for what it is: murder.

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Survivors Blast Back Into ABQ; Operation Rescue Exposes Millions of Tax Dollars Given to Late-Term Abortion Through Medicaid

Operation Rescue exposes New Mexico abortion industry receiving millions to subsidize...guess what?  But the ballot is Nov. 19 -- and Survivors is returning to bolster the intense grassroots movement for life  in Albuquerque.

Your vote and your voice, our voice as we travel back to Albuquerque, won’t just save lives here, it will change this nation to one which will stand for life.

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URGENT ACTION NEEDED: #ABQ Tries to Short-Circuit Justice, Deny Voters Chance to Ban Late-Term Abortion!


Activist City Councilor in Albuquerque, Trudy Jones, calls the 20 Week Abortion Ban up for vote in November "unconstitutional" -- and she has introduced a resolution to kill it before it reaches the ballot! 

Contact council members, or if you're in state, October 9, WEDNESDAY at 5pm, come to the meeting and register to speak in opposition to the Jones's underhanded attempt to deny Albuquerque the democratic right to vote to protect its women and children!

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Pro-Aborts: Can't Decide How to Sell Back Alley Abortion

 Check out Jezebel's recent feature on an anonymous woman who -- at least by nonsense standards seen through the abortion distortion -- is a saint in the making because she sells smuggled abortion drugs and abortion methods to "desperate" women, who just can't get that "safe" legal abortion

No more shilly-shallying. Abortion is not any more about women's health now, "legally", than it was then -- illegally. It's just as dangerous. 


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What is a holocaust? Not 56 million dead, according to NM Holocaust Museum. . . [Video Transcript of Request for Panel Memorializing Abortion Dead ]

What is a holocaust? Not 56 million dead, according to NM Holocaust Museum. . . [Video Transcript of Request for Panel Memorializing Abortion Dead ]

Transcript of docents responding to Survivors request to install a panel memorializing 56 million babies dead in American Abortion Holocaust. Kristina offers to pay and install--

This is their response. 

Kristina Garza, Outreach Director:  So you honor the dead only when it's too late to stop the genocide.

Docent: Yes.


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Do You Know? Do You Care? Just the Facts

Do You Know? Do You Care? Just the Facts

What you don't know may not hurt you.  What you don't know about Albuquerque, New Mexico, though, might just hurt someone else.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico abortion is wholly unregulated, highly costly, subsidised by NM tax dollars, and available late-term past 28 weeks and up to birth. 

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Carpe Diem!

Seize the day!  There are moments in life when all else must be put aside for a season.  Moments when Providence has set before you opportunity so great it becomes our duty to seize the day.

Today is such a day.  Many years from now someone may look back and read this blog and think me foolish for believing singular moments in history matter.  But still I believe it.

The Kermit Gosnell trial and conviction for murder of babies born alive presents an opportunity we must seize.  For the first time in the history of legalized abortion, outrage has spread across the consciousness of our country.

How could a man snip the neck of a baby, how could a women callously stab a baby to death? What possesses a man to cut off feet of aborted babies and preserve them in jars like some morbid collection?

My own brother, a police officer and unbeliever, who lovingly refers to my prolife activism as “that sh** you do” was visibly shaken and angered by what he heard on the news.  Many from my very large extended family, who in the past would declare no common ground with me, suddenly found themselves sharing their disgust at the actions of Kermit Gosnell and his staff.

But Gosnell is not an isolated case!  This is why we must seize the day.  Today the majority of Americans agree that to murder these babies born alive is a heinous crime.  They think for now that Gosnell is an aberration, a lone monster, but he is not.

The procedure he uses results in a baby being born alive 13% of the time.  That means the original 8 counts of murder were just the tip of the iceberg for a man who has aborted thousands of babies.  And he is not alone.  

God has orchestrated this moment my friend, make no mistake about that!  God has used the faithful, the government, and law enforcement to crash the gates of the citadel of abortion.  We must rush through those smashed gates and rush headlong into battle.

Gosnell’s trial has brought forward new witnesses who either witnessed or partook in actions similar to Gosnell’s.  In Texas three informants, whether compelled by fear of future prosecution or by conviction of the evil nature of the late term procedures, recently came forward.

The three informants have come forward to tell of their horrific experiences working for abortionist Douglas Karpen, at Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston.   As shocking as their stories of babies born alive and then murdered by getting their necks snipped are, these women did more than just talk; they brought forward evidence of illegal late-term abortions in the form of photos taken on their cell phones at the Karpen’s clinic.  The photos were scandalous.  They depicted two babies aborted well beyond the legal limit of 24 weeks in Texas.  Their necks had been cut.

Now the Governor of Texas is calling for an investigation!  The charge is on!  Abortion is being exposed for the murder it is.  Now is the time to set aside whatever plans you had for this summer and become an activist to join in the revolution of love for the life of your neighbor.  Today is the day!  What plans did you have to do this summer that are more important than running headlong into battle when God himself has smashed open the gates of hell?

Prepare for battle:  Sign up today for the Survivors Summer Training Camp, June 17-28, 2013.  Then set aside August 1st through the 10 abortionists Boyd and Sella!  We already have testimony of Sella stabbing to death a baby born alive!

Join us as we launch a citywide and statewide campaign to expose the evil practices of late term abortionists Boyd and Sella in Albuquerque!  Whatever you were going to do this summer – set it aside – because God has blown the trumpet, and we, the faithful, must respond and rescue those being dragged to the slaughter.  I pity those who miss this day.

Come!  Fight!  Seize the day – it is your turn to make history!

To see more of the horror concerning abortionist Douglas Karpen please click here.